The Many Benefits of Offshore Company Formation Revealed

Offshore Company

We live in a 21st century world and the global business arena is much more available to the entrepreneur; fifty years ago there would not be so many entrepreneurs that set up businesses in foreign lands, yet today, we have young global business moguls with offshore companies to protect their wealth.

Here are some of the potential benefits you can enjoy when you set up an offshore company.

  • Low taxation – The most obvious benefit to setting up an offshore company is the very low rate of tax that you pay. Many governments wish to attract foreign investment, so they create a tax haven to entice wealthy people to invest in their economy. Examples of tax-free havens include Jersey, Isle of Man, Monaco and some West Indian nations, such as Cayman Islands and Martinique. There are offshore company formation services available from a global law firm and they have the knowledge to advise you on every aspect of business formation offshore.
  • Confidentiality – Some investors wish to remain anonymous and investing offshore allows this; typically, well-known business moguls like to invest offshore (remember the Panama Papers?) because they can do so under the radar. Examples of where you can anonymously be a director of a company include Seychelles and Belize and with the help of a local law firm, you can set up an offshore company and not have your name on the company registration.
  • Real estate ownership – Some investors prefer to put their wealth into bricks-and-mortar and they can avoid capital gains tax when they purchase real estate offshore. Every nation has its own set of laws regarding business registration and you need to do some deep research to discover which country offers the best in terms of foreign business registration. Click here for tips on office health.
  • Protection against lawsuits – In some countries, it is very hard to file a lawsuit against a business entity, therefore some corporations/companies seek out offshore business formation for this reason.
  • Minimal business reporting – As governments look for ways to attract foreign investors, many allow foreign businesses to register without having to submit annual reports. Of course, every country has its own rules and regulations regarding business reporting and if you hire the services of a global law firm, they are able to advise you on this aspect.
  • Prestige – In some ways, having an offshore business address offers prestige and in business, first impressions do count. If you would like to learn more about setting up an offshore company, start with a Google search to find a leading global business registration law firm and let the legal experts advise you accordingly. People like to do business with successful companies and having an offshore business address is impressive.

Of course, every situation is unique and there are many countries that offer advantages to foreign investors; talk to an established law firm with hands-on experience setting up businesses in your target country.



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