Are you planning your vacation in Kerala? Here is the Kerala Tour Guide


Are you planning your vacation in Kerala? Here is a guide to help you plan your Kerala vacation.

Famous for its natural beauty, culture and traditions, Kerala is the most sought after tourist destination and welcomes tourists throughout the year. During each season, something special is offered in Kerala. Kerala holiday planning is not based on the season of the place; also, it depends on other factors such as one’s budget and personal preferences. Well, this article will guide you through the different experiences you can get during different seasons- which in turn will help you better plan for your holidays in God’s own country Kerala!

Let’s plan a holiday in Kerala now.

Kerala holidays in summer

The three main states of the state are summer, monsoon and winter. The summer season is usually during the months of March and lasts until May. During these months, Kerala experiences hot and humid climate with some rainfall. Season is the best time to enjoy different beaches. Many famous beaches include Kovalam, Marari Beach, Alleppey Beach etc. With nicely designed travel tours, Kerala Beach tour packages from the best Kerala tour operators, leisure tours will give an enjoyable trip and memorable Kerala holidays.

Kerala holidays in Monsoon

Next comes the monsoon season. Kerala receives monsoon rains during the months of June-August. Time is considered best for Ayurvedic treatment as the climate is humid and dust free. Also, this is the time when the pores on the skin open which makes the treatment received more effective. The time is also best for your Kerala holidays as the rain gives a new look to the trees, flowers and the whole nature. The best places to visit would be Idukki, Wayanad, Munnar, etc.

Kerala holidays in Winter

Their third major season is the winter season, from September to March. The season is the busiest, flooded with tourists from everywhere. This season your temperature is cool and pleasant. Nature also looks fresh after the monsoon rains. Thus, the best time to organize holidays in Kerala! Visit the amazingly beautiful hill stations, stroll along the beaches, walk through the woods or enjoy the quiet backwaters; See the beauty of Kerala.

Regardless of the season, Kerala – God’s own country is beautiful, always ready to welcome everyone. Choose destination and leisure tour, leading Kerala tour operator to enjoy Kerala holiday has the best travel tour that offers the best travel experience; Memorable holidays in Kerala!

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