MrrrDaisy is back with a new tune starring one of Ghana’s top male vocalists, Kudjoe Daze


MrrrDaisy is back with a new tune starring one of Ghana’s top male vocalists, Kudjoe Daze. In 2021, as part of his mission to promote undiscovered talents, the renowned award-winning blogger and publicist began working with a select group of musicians, during which time he produced his debut song, ‘The One,’ which featured possibly Ghana’s greatest rapper from the Volta Region, Jessy Gh, and was certified platinum. The song was widely accepted and was played on BBC Radio Nottingham, Amazing Radio in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, Wigwam radio in the United Kingdom, and Wigwam radio in the United Kingdom. On top of all of this success, the song amassed over 195,000 streams across all digital platforms.

Additionally, this feature created a plethora of chances for him and his organization. Newton Faulkner, British duo Ferris & Sylvester, North London artist Biyi, who is also a rugby union player, Indonesian yoga queen Wai Lana, Aliana Lohan, Miraa May, Australian TV presenter and singer Jessica Braithwaite, Sam Tompkins, Da Beatfreakz, Bomberjak, Demarco, and many others were among the numerous notable clients.

Hunny is a mid-tempo Afro-fusion song about a guy who falls hopelessly in love with a woman who is much out of his league. The singer reveals his underlying desire for his love interest in this song by doing actions of hard labor and generosity in an attempt to reclaim her affection and love. The bulk of the 3:11 seconds is written and performed in many languages, including English, Pidgin English, and Ewe (a local Ghanaian language).

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