Blockchain based crypto platform aims to achieve primary goals for “Healthy and Dignified Ageing”


It is disheartening to observe that more and more seniors are now facing loneliness and lack of proper health care. Senior citizens, being the soft targets, are most vulnerable to become victims of any crime. The OAH Family is standing to use the blockchain technology to make a positive shift in this situation.

OAH Family is all set to roll out an unmatchable and unbelievable offer for its users through Presale. Like any other cryptocurrency, it is based on highly protected blockchain technology that removes mediators and makes the system decentralized. On the same line, OAH Coin comes as a digital asset in the cryptocurrency world that provides space to initiate the process of creating a “society for all ages“.

Over 20K volunteers have globally joined OAH Family, as visible on the Live Map on OAH Family website.

More than 8,000 followers have joined the official Telegram channel till the time of publishing. Also there has been a significant increase in number of followers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

OAH Coin has been announced to be available through the Presale starting from 7th January 2022 by the OAH Family at a discounted price of 0.25 USD/OAH along with the ongoing Airdrop Program.

Presale participants can also take advantage of the ongoing 40 OAH Airdrop Program on first come first serve basis, till the 1,100,000 OAH coins allocated for Airdrop are exhausted. The OAH Coin Volunteer Referral program gives the users OAH worth $2 for each new qualifying volunteer, invited by the user, till the end of Airdrop Program.

It is suggested that users should attain regular updates by signing up on the website and by following OAH Family on social media.

Presale details:
Allocation of the OAH Coin is very opportune as 15 percent of coins are to be allocated in Presale while the rest are being allocated via various different methods as per the coin allocation chart.

This high degree planned allocation makes the cryptocurrency stand out and cause a positive social impact on the World.

Moreover, volunteers have shown huge interest in the OAH Airdrop Program and OAH Bounty Program signifying its prospects.

Presale is to be initiated in three phases:
1. Phase 1 – 5% @ 0.25 USD
2. Phase 2 – 5% @ 0.54 USD
3. Phase 3 – 5% @ 0.72 USD

In the first phase, 5,500,000 OAH Coin are to be allocated at the rate of 0.25 USD. Starting from 7th January 2022 to 11th February 2022, the first phase is to last for 36 days.

In the second phase, 5,500,000 OAH Coin are to be allocated d at the rate of 0.54 USD. Starting from 12th February 2022 to 14th March 2022, lasting for 29 days.

In the last phase of the OAH presale 5,500,000 OAH Coin are to be allocated at the rate of 0.72 USD. Starting from 15th March to 10th April, lasting for 25 days.

The total process of presale will last for 90 days posing an excellent opportunity for those interested in diving into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And for OAH, being a system driven by a noble cause of helping elderlies, one can contribute their bit by just taking part in the presale of OAH Coin.