10 Lidl Wines Under 4.5 Euros Recommended By A Prestigious Sommelier


Sommelier Jon Andoni Rementeria, 2018 Spanish Sommelier Champion and 2019 Club Gourmets Best Sommelier Award, has made his own selection of the best Lidl wines for this season.

Rementeria has chosen 15 references of national origin, including up to 10 Spanish Lidl wines that cost less than 4.5 euros a bottle, of which several have international recognition and are present in the Peñín Guide. The sommelier has also made a climb from 1 to 100.

“I wanted to highlight these 15 wines for their high quality. Any of them is a perfect option to enjoy a good glass of wine,” says Jon Andoni Rementeria.

15 quality wines for less than 4.5 euros

  1. Coto de Ibedo. DO Ribeiro. Price: 3.99 euros. Rating: 93
  2. Finca De la Cruz. DO Ribera del Duero. Price: 8.99 euros. Rating: 92
  3. Volaverunt. PDO Aylés. Price: 5.99 euros. Rating: 92
  4. Tramuz. DO Ribera del Duero. Price: 4.49 euros. Rating: 91
  5. Oristan. DO La Mancha. Price: 2.49 euros. Rating: 91
  6. Prior of Neo vintage 2017. DO Ribera del Duero. Price: 8.99 euros. Score: 91.
  7. Young Gamellón 2020. PDO Jumilla. Price: 2.49 euros. Rating: 90
  8. Adaras village. DO Almansa. Price: 5.46 euros. Rating: 90
  9. Unrepeatable harvest 2020. DO Manchuela. Price: 3.99 euros. Rating: 89
  10. Fincas del Lebrel 2020. DOCa Rioja. Price: 3.49 euros. Rating: 88
  11. Hachón Verdejo Viura 2020. DO Rueda. Price: 1.89 euros. Rating: 88
  12. La bien Pintá. DO Rueda. Price: 3.99 euros. Rating: 87
  13. Vespral reserve 2017. DO Terra Alta. Price: 2.29 euros. Rating: 87
  14. Rosé mezquiriz 2020. DO Navarra. Price: 1.75 euros. Rating: 86
  15. Fino Donceles Cruz Conde. DO Montilla Moriles. Price: 2.15 euros. Rating: 84

Coto de Ibedo, the best rated
The first wine in the ranking is Coto de Ibedo. It is a white wine DO Ribeiro, harvest of 2020. Of a pale yellow color with intense greenish reflections that indicates the youth of the wine, made with three native grape varieties: Treixadura, Godello and Loureira. A pleasant and very balanced wine, where the fruity notes and the typical acidity of this DO stand out. It pairs very well with white or blue fish, grilled seafood, not very cured cheeses and salads.

It is followed by the Finca de la Cruz. A red wine DO Ribera del Duero, vintage of 2017. You can see its maturity and evolution due to the aging time in the barrel. A balanced wine that stays on the palate, and pairs perfectly with roast lamb, game meat and cured cheeses. To finish his TOP 3, Jon Andoni highlights the Volaverunt., A red wine from Pago de Aylés, aged for 6 months in barrels. A wine that has a medium intensity to the nose, with a sweet and fresh entry on the palate. It can be served with white and red meats, semi-cured cheeses and lightly spiced starters.


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