Pharmacies Innovate With New drive-thru medication dispenser kiosks


As society evolves, pharmacies also face many challenges, which can be solved through technological innovation.

The implementation of digital and interactive solutions provides new experiences for the modern consumer, who sees his buying process made easier. An example of this is PHARMA COLLECT, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS’ drive-thru medication dispenser kiosk.

PHARMA COLLECT enables patients to simply, quickly and efficiently collect — without human interaction and by drive-thru — the medications prescribed by their doctor.

This equipment makes an effective and organized service management, capturing customers’ attention and promoting autonomy in the shopping experience.

The system also allows the efficient and organized management of the service, which provides the operator with the necessary tools to optimize the service.

This self-service drive-thru medication dispenser has a number of advantages:

– Reduced waiting time;

– More efficient care;

– Increased patient safety and satisfaction;

– Fast, safe and accurate medication distribution;

– Elimination of medication delivery errors;

– Cost reduction.

Interactive solutions for pharmacies are transforming these spaces and the way customers interact with them.


1. Ordering

On the kiosk’s interactive display, the user can pick up his or her order, quickly and without complications.

2. Emergence of the products in the deposit

After the user selects his order and/or the products he wants to collect, they appear in the deposit for later collection.

3. Opening of the door

The door opens to lift the patient’s order safely.

4. Collection of medicines

Once the door to the deposit is opened, the medications are available for the patient to pick up.

5. Safety sensor

When the door is closing, the security sensor can detect movement in the deposit and, if there is any, stops it.

6. Payment

The payment of the order is made by ATM and the customer can request an invoice.

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