Madrid Will Continue To Insist On Carrying Out A Single EvAU


The Minister of Education, Universities, Science and Government spokesman, Enrique Ossorio, assured this Friday that the Community of Madrid will continue to insist on carrying out “a single EvAU” after learning from the professionals of the University Information and Advice Center ( CIAU), the complaints of Madrid families.

“They are happy about our concern about the quality of education, but they do not understand why they have to take different tests and that students, who in other regions have worse results in external tests, get much better marks in the EvAU”, he assured in the middle.

For this reason, he has insisted that the Community of Madrid has requested a “unique” examination because it is something “very unfair” with the region. Although he has argued that in the long run “it is not unfair” because education in the region is “more demanding” and of “higher quality” is a “benefit”.

“I understand that the student who wants to enter Medicine and who sees that students from other communities with studies are sure many worse get the place that would have corresponded,” he said.

The counselor has reiterated that he has transferred this “discomfort” to the Ministry but that “there is absolutely no way” of a consensus and has compared it with the “temptation they have had” to transfer the MIR to Catalonia.

He also assured that they will continue to insist “for the students and families and that he hopes that at some point there will be a” reasonable and sensible government “to” achieve it. “

CIAU attends about 8,000 requests
The CIAU has dealt with about 8,000 applications during the ordinary period of admission in the single district of Madrid and has managed 3,651 emails, 4,108 phone calls and 198 face-to-face appointments.

Likewise, the detailed pre-registration content on the CIAU web portal has had more than 200,000 consultations during the month of June . The counselor thanked the professionals at this center for their work.

This body is in charge of offering the necessary information on Madrid’s universities, such as their training offer, the admission process, scholarships or the search for accommodation through the virtual housing service.

In addition, it provides personalized educational guidance, through individual interviews with professionals, which allows students to choose their academic future based on their interests, values, potential and educational expectations.

“We believe that it is such an important function of education as a social ladder because there are students who are less likely to orient themselves than others,” he pointed out. A personalized orientation to advise them in a “so complicated” moment where “little is known” what you can do.

The information offer for future university students is completed with the ‘Unimad’ app, through which you can easily access all the information related to official higher education in the Community of Madrid. Likewise, the Center collaborates in student fairs and salons, consultancies in institutes, town halls, houses of Culture, among others.


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