Revealed: The top countries with the highest interest in remote work


Over the last years, especially after Covid-19 pandemic, the interest towards remote work has been growing, with more and more people realizing the benefits associated with it. That is why The Happy Beavers, an internationally operating SEO company, has decided to conduct a study to identify the country with the highest interest in remote work. The key point of difference of this study is that interest was measured by how often people search for various remote work-relevant terms in different countries.

The Happy Beavers led by Luka Karsten Breitig collected and analyzed remote work-related keyword data for 72 countries. While other similar studies generate data mainly though interviewing people, there are inherent biases associated with this method. Besides, many studies focus on the availability of remote work in certain countries, for instance, checking the number of jobs available per capita, which might be subjective due to differences in labour law across the countries. “In the meantime, we wanted to learn in which countries people are interested in remote work in general irrespective of remote work possibilities they have within those countries. “ Breitig said.

The Happy Beavers have put the data obtained in relation to the population size in order to find the relative interest in the population.

Cyprus comes first in the study, followed by Latvia. “We would never have found out with conventional research methods that Saudi Arabia is directly in fourth place among the countries that search for remote work most frequently in the world,” continues study director Breitig.

Remote work offers many benefits, including increased flexibility, improved work-life balance, and reduced commuting time and costs. As more and more countries and companies embrace this trend, it is likely that the number of remote workers will continue to rise. This study is an important building block in understanding this global trend that is here to stay.

About the company

The Happy Beavers is a provider of research and SEO analysis data on remote work and other emerging trends in the digital economy. For more information on the study, please visit the whole article on the website.


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