Hotels In Castilla y León Warn That New Measures Sink Again The Sector


The Association of Hotels of Castilla y León has warned this Wednesday that the new measures adopted by the Board this week “again sink” this sector and, especially, the organization of family events.

The Association has pointed out in a statement collected by Europa Press that according to the associates cancellations of reservations of family events are already observed , “which are very important at this time of year.”

The Association considers that “indiscriminate” prohibitions have been applied that put “into question, constantly” the professionalism and responsibility of the sector in the face of the health situation, “when they have not even sat down with them to analyze the measures that in their day they presented “.

The accommodation and companies dedicated to holding large events have recalled that they developed and sent to the Junta de Castilla y León, more than two months ago, a protocol to carry out “all kinds of events in a safe way, minimizing the risk of contagion “, but they regret that now the administration” limits itself to prohibiting and not regulating. “

For this reason, hotel businessmen demand that a document be developed regulating this activity, with clear and strict guidelines, but that allow for stable operation.

What is being done at this time is “to prohibit legal activities, without looking for alternatives that guarantee security, or to pursue illegal ones that are being carried out in private spaces, without any type of regulation or sanitary protocol because it is not possible to act ex officio and without a complaint, which can be done when your establishment meets all the legal requirements. “

In this sense, they have reflected that almost a year and a half after starting this contingency, they continue “without legal bases that ensure that the security measures are forcefully respected and the lack of interest and indifference, before a hotel sector that they do not know, again provokes economic and income losses with cancellations that opt ​​for neighboring territories where there are not so many restrictions “.


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