Interns For More Than 10 Years Will Access The Square In Spain


The Government has agreed that the interns of the public administrations who have been occupying a structural position that has never been called for more than ten years will be able to be awarded said position without having to pass an opposition, but only by an assessment of merits. A last minute addition with which the Executive tries to carry out a vote that right now has lost.

This has been advanced by the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, during her defense before the plenary session of Congress of the decree law of urgent measures to reduce the temporality in public employment , collected by Servimedia . The Government and the PSOE have negotiated until the last moment with the parliamentary groups to obtain sufficient support.

Also out of the negotiation, the norm will include during its processing as a bill that the autonomous communities can decide that the opposition is not eliminatory in the stabilization processes of the structural positions occupied for more than three years by interim personnel.

The confirmed rejection of the PP and the lack of support leave the decree on the verge of repeal
In the last hours, the PSOE has intensified contacts with the bloc with which it carried out its 2021 Budgets and facilitated the investiture of Pedro Sánchez to save the decree law from being repealed.

The confirmed rejection of the PP and the lack of parliamentary support leave it on the verge of repeal, since the PSOE has reached the debate of validation of the decree law with only the confirmed support of the two deputies of Nueva Canarias and the Regionalist Party of Cantabria.

Although Unidos Podemos is inclined to support it after approaching positions with the Treasury, the 155 votes that the Government partners in the Lower House add, together with the two of NC and PRC, would not be enough to save the decree, indicates EP .

For this reason, the only way at the moment that the decree law can save is to drag formations such as ERC, Bildu, Más País and Compromís from ‘no’ to, at least, abstention. These formations recognize Europa Press contacts with the Government and the groups that support it to negotiate changes in the decree.

And it is that in addition to the PP (88 deputies) and Vox (52 deputies), which already advanced its rejection, they also leaned in principle towards the ‘no’ Republican Esquerra (13 deputies), EH-Bildu (5), the PDeCAT ( 4), Junts (4), CUP (2), BNG (1), Canary Islands Coalition (1) and Asturias Forum (1). A total of 171 deputies who could also be joined by UPN (2), a regular partner of the ‘popular’, and Más País-Equo-Los Verdes (2) and Compromís (1), who were debating in the last hours of this Tuesday between rejection and abstention.

Everything will therefore remain in the hands of some of the usual partners of the coalition government, who will have to go from no to abstention, so that the decree law can remain in force.

Telematic voting began at 9 am and will last until 1 pm. Several formations, such as Ciudadanos, PDeCAT or Compromís, have confirmed that they will speed up the deadline to cast their vote as much as possible.


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