NWA 75 Night One Results: Kamille vs. Natalia Markova, Matt Cardona, and More


The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) celebrated a historic night of action on August 26, marking its 75th anniversary with NWA 75 Night One. The event was filled with thrilling matches, jaw-dropping moments, and unforgettable performances, leaving wrestling fans on the edge of their seats.

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Pre-Show Antics: 

The night kicked off with a pre-show match that saw Robert “Ego” Anthony defeating “Magic” Jake Dumas, though technical difficulties left fans missing parts of the action. Meanwhile, the NWA World Women’s M95 team previewed their match against Pretty Empowered, setting the stage for an intense showdown.

The dynamic duo of Daisy Kill and Talos earned themselves a shot at the NWA United States Tag Team Championship by defeating The Fixers LLC, but the champions, Country Gentlemen, were quick to make their presence known.

Father James Mitchell shared his thoughts on Max the Impaler’s return and their upcoming match against Kenzie Paige. Later, Pollo del Mar expressed her dreams of “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason winning the NWA National Heavyweight Championship, solidifying her unwavering support.

The pre-show concluded with Zyon, with Austin Idol in his corner, defeating Jordan Clearwater after Austin Idol’s interference tipped the scales in Zyon’s favor.

Main Event Extravaganza:

The main show was nothing short of spectacular, featuring a lineup of incredible matches and championship clashes. Max the Impaler clinched the NWA World Women’s Television Championship by overpowering Kenzie Paige, leaving a lasting impact on the night.

In a triple-threat battle of behemoths, “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason emerged as the NWA National Heavyweight Champion, outlasting Kratos and Odinson in a war of titans.

Joe Alonzo and Homicide took their grudge match outside the ring, unleashing brutal attacks on each other. Alonzo managed to secure the victory in a contest that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

The Brothers of Funstruction, with Violent J at ringside, defeated Magnum Muscle in an entertaining contest that saw the clowns outsmart their opponents.

Colby Corino triumphed over Kerry Morton to capture the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship in a back-and-forth battle that showcased the resilience of both competitors.

A matter of respect turned into a brutal no-disqualification affair between Tim Storm and Jax Dane, but the true outcome remained shrouded in mystery as medical personnel tended to Storm after the match.

The Burke Invitational Gauntlet for an NWA World Women’s Championship Match featured intense competition with Kenzie Paige emerging victorious, last eliminating Allysin Kay.

Matt Cardona made his presence felt in the NWA by issuing an open challenge, which was answered by none other than Ricky Morton. Cardona secured the win but not without controversy, as tensions ran high between the competitors.

Blunt Force Trauma dethroned La Rebelion to become the new NWA World Tag Team Champions, causing chaos in the ring and setting the stage for a potential future showdown with the Brothers of Funstruction and Violent J.

The main event of the evening was a No Limits Match for the NWA World Women’s Championship, where Kamille and Natalia Markova engaged in a brutal battle. They used kendo sticks, chairs, keyboards, and even a table in their quest for victory. Kamille ultimately retained her title with a devastating Spear off the apron through a table, but not without a sarcastic applause from Pretty Empowered.

As NWA 75 Night One came to a close, fans were left eagerly anticipating what Night Two had in store. This historic anniversary event had already delivered unforgettable moments, leaving a lasting mark on the wrestling world.


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