The Practical Benefits Of Cremation Instead of A Traditional Burial


Over the years, more and more Americans have been opting for cremation over a traditional burial. This is thanks to a change in society on how people view death and funerals. Although it’s not something we think of every day, dying is a natural part of our existence.

If you have a loved one who has recently passed, you may be undecided on whether to pick a cremation or traditional burial, especially if they didn’t express their wishes. To help make up your mind, here are some practical benefits of cremation.

Usually More Affordable

The average funeral cost for a burial can rack up in the thousands in the United States. While the price will differ depending on many factors, many Americans simply don’t have thousands upon thousands to spend. Of course, you’ll want to give your loved ones the send-off they deserve, but if you haven’t got the budget to do so, it may be wise to look into cremation. In general, cremations are considered much cheaper than a traditional burial. To find out more about the cost, you can contact They are dedicated to simplifying cremation by providing a 100% online arrangement process.

More Time Efficient

When losing a loved one, you will be overwhelmed with funeral planning. During this time of loss, you’ll want to make sure your family isn’t burdened with unnecessary difficulties and decisions. For the most part, cremations are faster than a traditional burial. This means there can be a ton of time saved if your loved one announces they want a cremation before their passing.


Millions of Americans are trying to adapt to an eco-friendly way of life, and for a good reason too. Being environmentally friendly and watching your carbon footprint can reduce energy costs and environmental pollution and conserve natural resources. When it comes to cremations, you may be shocked to find the toll burials have on the environment. This is largely down to the chemicals involved in the embalming and burial process. With no need for embalming, cremations are instantly more environmentally friendly.

Saves Space

When we pass, many people wish to be buried in a cemetery. However, there is limited space to work with, particularly in urban environments. Whether it’s you or a loved one, you may not like the idea of being buried in an overcrowded cemetery. Should you opt for cremation, you will not take up much space.

Compatible With Many Faiths

Many faiths and religions don’t believe that cremation is permissible. If this contradicts your religion or faith, then that’s fine. However, some belief systems have embraced cremation over time. Even if you’re not religious, you may decide cremation is a good idea simply for the fact you have total control over what happens after you pass. 

Now you’re aware of the advantages of cremation, you need to establish what happens to you or a loved one’s remains after their passing. Because cremations are environmentally friendly and affordable, it’s easy to see why cremation is the preferred option for most Americans.


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