Colonies of Beavers and Mischiefs of Mice Teach Young Readers About Collective Nouns


From a colony of beavers to a loveliness of ladybugs and a mischief of mice, Heather Bradley’s When We All Get Togetherteaches young readers all about the beautiful, descriptive names that groups of creatures have.

When We All Get Together showcases the charming animals of the Canadian forest, while readers learn each collective noun for that species. Throughout the story, the groups of wildlife are all meeting in the maple tree forest. That is, until some unwanted pests show up!

“Children are drawn to the delightful illustrations of Canadian forest animals as they enjoy the surprise ending,” Bradley said. “Teachers appreciate the lesson in collective nouns and the resource for Canadian wildlife.”

When We All Get Together is an excellent resource for schools and parents to help educate and entertain young readers at the same time.


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