How to Claim Sweepstakes Bonuses at Zula Casino?


Zula Casino is committed to offering top-tier casino entertainment in a safe virtual environment. The casino offers multiple bonuses to ensure you have enough coins to enjoy your gaming experience. While some bonuses are one-time offers, there are also many recurring promotions that can boost your coin balance. If you’re curious about how to claim these bonuses, keep reading as we explain how to get these exciting offers at Zula Casino.

All You Need to Know About Finding and Claiming Bonuses at Zula Casino

You’ll find a long list of bonuses once you visit the sweepstakes casino’s promotions page. Below are the different types available and how you can claim them:

Welcome Bonus

When you create an account on the gaming platform, you receive the social casino sign up bonus as a new player. Zula Casino offers you 100,000 gold coins and two sweeps coins simply for completing the basic registration process. You can receive eight more sweeps coins by:

  • Verifying your phone number: 3 SC
  • Consenting to emails: 2 SC
  • Logging into your account: 1 SC
  • Consenting to SMS: 3 SC

Daily Login Bonus

After registering on the platform, you only need your login details to access the gaming site on any compatible device. Each day you log in, you receive 10,000 gold coins and one free sweeps coin. You don’t need to purchase anything or provide bonus codes; just sign into your account every 24 hours, and you will receive the bonus.

Referral Bonus

You get the referral bonus whenever you bring a new player to the sweepstakes casino. To do this, you first share your exclusive referral link, which you will receive after signing up. Players must register by clicking this link and following the prompt for them to become your referral. You get gold and sweeps coins when your referrals make their first purchase. The exact package you receive depends on what they buy, and the higher the purchase, the better the bonus.

VIP Bonus

Zula Casino offers you VIP treatment from the moment you register on the site. As you make purchases, you gain points that push you up the VIP ladder. Your potential rewards get better as you progress through the levels, and some of the bonuses you receive include personal hosts, exclusive promotions, and monthly offers. The only requirement for getting better bonuses is climbing to higher positions, which you can do by purchasing coin packages.

Tournament Bonus

At Zula Casino, you can participate in tournaments and win more coins. These contests are usually based on ranking players on leaderboards based on their gaming activities. This means that playing certain games earns you points, which you use to get to higher positions on the leaderboard. You get bonuses if you finish as one of the top players. 

Getting Bonuses Via Email

Zula Casino updates its promotions regularly, and if there’s a new offer, it ensures you learn about it promptly through email. The email you receive contains basic information about the latest bonus, including how to claim it. However, you can only receive this if you consent to email notifications when creating an account on the site. 

Getting Bonuses Via Social Media

Another way to get the latest bonus updates is by following Zula Casino on social media. The sweepstakes casino has a growing media presence on well-known platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Following these pages gives you access to essential details about the gaming site, including new and time-sensitive promotions. 


Now that you know how to claim bonuses at Zula Casino, you’re only a step away from enjoying the platform’s exclusive offers. These promotions are yours once you sign up. Thankfully, the process is easy, as all you have to do is fill out a registration form and verify your identity. 


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