Drive Success This Holiday Season With The 2022 Cloudways BFCM ‘Prepathon’ Event


Providing insight to help businesses of all kinds sell more this holiday season, Cloudways, a DigitalOcean company, will host its 2022 BFCM Prepathon, an online event from October 24th to October 28th. Registration is free, and attendees will learn how to nail the all-important Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales window.

For the latest installment of this annual event, the Cloudways team has assembled its best lineup yet. Over 30 industry experts will cover hyper-relevant topics such as marketing, revenue & growth, website security & speed, conversion optimisation, and the current socio-economic situation. The sessions will include topics like:

  • Increasing Revenue With “Jobs to be Done” Framework Brand Strategy by the trainer and public speaker Vassilena Valchanova.
  • How CVO is Fixing Ecommerce Stores by Omniconvert CEO and founder Valentine Radu.
  • Scoring 100% In Pagespeed Insights to Tackle the BFCM Storm by Founder Online Media Masters Tom Dupuis
  • Marketing Strategies That Maximize BFCM Revenue from Country ManagerRaluca Radu.
  • How Women Are Impacting the Digital Business World with Reese Spykerman, Pia Silva and Raluca Radu.

In addition, round-table discussions will provide rich opportunities to business owners and entrepreneurs to ask pressing questions and get direct input on their strategies.

Why Black Friday & Cyber Monday is so important for businesses

The period of Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, commonly referred to as BFCM, plays an oversized role in determining annual revenue for many companies. Eager for deals, shoppers are prepared to spend big: a 2021 Dotdigital study found that using “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” in marketing email subject lines increased CTR by a massive 64%.

Given the economic turbulence of 2022, many shoppers will be looking for gifts, products and subscriptions during the sales period. Due to this, businesses that fail to compete strongly for BFCM interest will miss out on even more revenue this year.

Why Cloudways is the perfect partner for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It isn’t sufficient to nail your BFCM marketing strategy. You also need to be completely ready to accommodate the resulting traffic and turn those leads into conversions, and that means ensuring your website is fit for purpose.

Managed cloud hosting from Cloudways can help by offering the perfect blend of affordability and performance. It makes migration simple, delivers outstanding speed and reliability, takes the work out of website maintenance, and even provides superb design elements at no extra cost through the Astra Pro bundle.

Don’t leave Black Friday & Cyber Monday to chance

With so much on the line, there’s no sense in taking a casual approach to this BFCM sales window. This is the perfect time to decide how you’re going to promote your products and services (using discounts, free gifts, samplers, etc.), and the 2022 BFCM Prepathon is the perfect event to help you make rapid progress.

To attend, simply head to the BFCM page linked above and mark your calendar with your chosen presentations. There’s no cost and no obligation — but the potential ROI is huge.


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