Research explains which are the most feminized seeds with the same THC levels for growing


Both experienced and novice cannabis farmers research the best seed specimen to simplify the cultivation process and maximize their yields. Depending on several parameters such as the growth span, growing conditions, and desired results, a ganja planter can choose the seed variety to suit their needs and budgets. The options range from traditional and autoflowering to feminized marijuana seed types. Other factors to consider are the ease of cultivation, size of the farming area, and the desired crop resistance to pests and diseases. 

However, choosing the fastest-growing strains doesn’t necessarily mean settling for lackluster seed options. On the contrary, some fast-growing seed varieties produce high yields with buds that boast high CBD and THC levels. These include feminized seeds. So what are feminized seeds, and why do marijuana farmers choose them? 

Until recently, all cannabis grown from seed had at least a 50% chance of developing into a male cultivar. However, male plants produce seed pods that pollinate female flowers, causing a drastic reduction in the male plant’s yield and bud quality. Given the male plants’ effect on the harvest quantity, those growing regular seeds were keen to identify the gender of their crop as soon as possible to prune off the male parts. This elimination process was not only tedious but also quite inaccurate since not all stamens would be successfully culled off. For such reasons, feminized seeds are considered more efficient and economical.

Scientific research revolutionized cannabis farming in the 1990s by creating feminized seeds through genetic engineering. The process is made possible by a chemical reversal on a targeted female plant to produce viable pollen used to pollinate other plants in a controlled environment. Feminized seeds mostly grow into photoperiod plants that bloom under controlled lighting cycles. They also grow well in natural conditions, preferably on the longer days of the summer season, but the timing of planting should be carefully planned to boost the flowering stage when needed.

One of the most evident advantages of feminized seeds over other varieties is that it essentially doubles the yield of the plantation by reducing the number of undesired male cultivars from an average of 50% to nil. Every hemp bush is female and, therefore, highly productive. Furthermore, weed growers do not have to go through the time, cost, and labor-intensive process of removing the male flowers from the farm, which rarely achieves accurate results. Research data on cannabis farming reveals that a fully pollinated flower from a feminized seed crop is approximately 40% seed by weight and produces buds with 35% more cannabinoids overall. The seeds are also more resistant to pests and diseases, and they need fewer amounts of nutrients. Feminized seeds also allow growers to increase their profit bottom line by at least 130% per acre since they produce higher quality products at a cheaper cost compared to regular or autoflower seeds. Now that you know their benefits, let us explore some remarkable feminized seeds that make marijuana cultivation motivating.

Seed types and qualities:

Cheese Diesel Feminized Seeds

This famous Sativa–dominant hybrid is a fusion of two of the most awarded classic weed strains of all time: Diesel and Cheese. The seed produces buds with a sweet and sour lemon-lime aroma and a high THC level of up to 23%, delivering an uplifting, exciting, long-lasting euphoria lasting 3–5 hours. The seed performs exceptionally outdoors in sunny weather conditions, giving an estimated 650–700g per square foot indoors, compared to the 500g–600g yield per plant outdoors. As it comes from, Cheese Diesel feminized seeds take 8–10 weeks to mature and require a minimum time investment, giving a high-profit margin for commercial growers. 

Consumers favor this marijuana type because of its sustained effects and the flavors from the smoke. Its effects include a better energy boost, similar to a caffeine boost, but without the jitters. Users also report stress and anxiety alleviation, which helps reduce social awkwardness. Weed growers love Cheese Diesel feminized seeds because they produce plants with great genes that are easy to breed. The plants are resistant to pests and diseases, making Cheese Diesel a cost-effective seed to cultivate; the grower doesn’t have to incur the costs of pesticides. This seed variety can still thrive under conditions of neglect, meaning it is not a time-consuming weed to grow.

Siberian Snow Feminized Seeds

Siberian Snow is a blend of 75% indica and 25% Sativa genes, originating from a combination of Afghani weed with Black Domina and Ginger Ale. The feminized seeds have a cross of female Ginger Ale with origins traced back to Café Girl and Cinderella 88. These marijuana seeds grow into plants with buds high in THC (19–22%) and low CBD levels of approximately 0.4%. Following the data at, Siberian Snow feminized seeds are a top choice for growers since they deliver excellent yields of 300g–350g per square foot when grown indoors and about 500g–550g per plant outdoors, when cultivated in optimal weather and climatic conditions. 

The hardy Siberian Snow feminized seeds are a good choice for novice cannabis growers considering the ease of farming. They require the usual amount of light, nutrients, and water to thrive outdoors and a simple 16–8 light cycle and minimum moisture when growing in a controlled indoor environment. The compact-sized plants rise to a maximum of 110 centimeters when fully grown, which fits well for tents and small growing rooms. All the grower needs to be keen on is the air circulation and lateral plant trimming. Within 8 – 10 weeks upon germination, the plants start maturing and can produce up to 500g of buds per plant.

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Both new and experienced ganja farmers love the Blue Dream due to its high profitability and ease of cultivation. This crossbreed of Super Silver Haze and Blueberry Indica packs the potential to produce 500g–600g per square foot of an indoor plantation and 700g– 850g per plant when grown outdoors. The buds from these Sativa-dominant hybrid seeds pack an impressive 20–25% THC level known for pronounced stimulating effects. This strain is also known for its medical benefits, such as chronic pain relief and stress alleviation. What is interesting about the feminized Blue Dream seeds is how thick and heavy the buds become within 9 – 11 weeks, ready for harvest collection. These characteristics give growers a high-yield, high-quality strain that is a dream of many cannabis users and growers.

Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Seeds

This genetic fusion of Original Granddaddy (OG) Purple and Hindu Kush variants offers a grape-based fruity flavor. The Grand Daddy Purple feminized seeds are easy to grow and only take approximately ten weeks for the plant to produce buds. The seeds yield about 400g–450g of flowers per plant with 23% THC and 0.01% CBD levels. It is recommended for first-time growers who don’t have much space or nutrients to dedicate to hemp farming since this cultivar is easy to maintain. The resilient seeds have no strict nutrient and pesticide regimen that might overwhelm a farmer, yet the yield quality and quantity are impressive.

By now, you have a solid understanding of feminized seeds and the general conditions for growing them. As noted, these seeds are easy to grow, so they are a good choice for all growers regardless of their expertise level. The yield from feminized seeds is much higher than regular seeds can provide, yet there is less time and labor investment from the grower. 

Data also shows cannabis crops from feminized seeds are stable and incredibly profitable to the farmer. Industrial cannabis farmers are quickly switching to feminized seed options to curb financial losses and intense labor costs of male plant removal. Smokers also prefer weed grown from feminized seeds since the THC levels and terpene concentrations tend to be higher than usual. 

Tia Moskalenko, a full-time blogger at AskGrowers, produced this article to make cannabis growers and users better acquainted with the top interesting picks among feminized seed variants available in the weed market in 2023. Tia researches the cannabis industry to find the best price-quality balance and improve user experience with weed consumption and cultivation.


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