Beech Holdings’ Pioneering Research Redefines the UK Property Market Outlook


Beech Holdings today announces the release of an insightful study, ‘UK Property Development and Property Investment Statistics‘. This groundbreaking research not only assesses the UK property market’s current landscape but also ventures to predict its future path, offering key insights for both industry professionals and investors.

Importance of This Study

Engage with a rich collection of carefully curated data, casting light on market trends and investment opportunities poised to shape journalistic narratives and guide future investment decisions.

Principal Discoveries

  1. New Horizons in Commercial Real Estate

Learn how the UK, with a market worth over $1.7 trillion (£1.3 trillion), navigates its role as Europe’s second-largest commercial real estate market amidst economic instabilities.

  1. Residential Market’s Changing Course

Track the significant increase in housing demand post-pandemic and dissect the complex aspects of housing completions, price shifts, and anticipated vigorous market growth.

  1. Rise of Eco-Friendly Housing Trends

Examine the increasing trend towards green property preferences, a movement gaining traction among both first-time and long-term buyers.

  1. Co-Living: Redefining Urban Housing?

Explore the growing phenomenon of co-living spaces, a housing revolution altering the essence of community living.

  1. Key Financial Data for Investment

Equip yourself with the latest forecasts in rental yields and comprehensive regional market analyses, crucial for robust property investment reporting.

  1. Adapting to the Buy-to-Let Market’s Evolution

Gain insights into the evolving challenges that landlords confront in a market undergoing changes due to economic and regulatory factors.

  1. Understanding Stamp Duty Changes

Probe into the recent adjustments in stamp duty, a key element in grasping the nuances of property investment.

Additionally, the study offers an in-depth look at external influences, economic variations, effects of interest rates, Brexit consequences, pandemic impacts, and predictions that vividly depict the UK’s property investment landscape.

Richard Lynch, Head of Global Sales at Beech Holdings, states: “This study isn’t just data – it’s a narrative of change, challenge, and opportunity in the UK property market. We invite you as industry experts and commentators to be the first to explore these insights and lead the conversation in your publications.”

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