Collaborative Brews and Boards: Celebrating Community with Route One and New Bristol Brewery

Route One

In an exciting collaboration that brings together the worlds of skateboarding and craft brewing, Route One, a well-regarded skate brand, has joined forces with New Bristol Brewery to introduce a unique merchandise line that includes two innovative drinks. This partnership, rooted in the heart of Bristol, has culminated in a collection that not only celebrates the skate culture but also pays homage to the local brewing heritage. The collection, available at Route One’s store on The Horsefair in Bristol, encompasses a range of products from skateboard decks to apparel like t-shirts, all designed with a distinctive aesthetic that reflects both partners’ commitment to quality and community.

A highlight of this collaboration is the commitment to support the Bristol Skatepark Collective by donating a portion of the sales from each item in the collection through the end of February. The funds raised will contribute significantly to the much-anticipated reopening of the renovated Victoria Park in Bedminster, a project that holds considerable importance for the local skateboarding community.

The launch of this joint venture was celebrated with a vibrant event at the New Bristol Brewery Taproom on Wilson Street, which took place on Friday, January 26. This exclusive party provided attendees with the first opportunity to purchase limited-edition beers, clothing, and skateboard decks. The event was further enlivened with culinary delights from Dead Wingers and the unique opportunity for guests to receive haircuts from Capello Barbers, making for a memorable night that underscored the collaboration’s community-focused spirit.

The genesis of this unique partnership between Route One and New Bristol Brewery unfolded serendipitously, sparked by a casual meeting and a shared toast in a Bristol pub. This encounter, fueled by a mutual passion for skateboarding and a love for craft beer, laid the groundwork for an idea that would mature over several months. During this period, the New Bristol Brewery team worked closely with Route One’s designers to create a capsule collection that mirrors the distinctive style of the brewery’s can labels. The designs proudly feature Alfred, the legendary gorilla emblematic of Bristol, underscoring the collection’s local roots.

In early January, the Route One team was invited to the brewery’s St. Pauls location for an exclusive tour, offering them an insider’s look at the brewing process and the chance to connect with the brewery’s dedicated team. This visit highlighted New Bristol Brewery’s emphasis on community, warmly welcoming the Route One representatives and sharing their enthusiasm for their work and the collaboration. This partnership not only celebrates the intersection of skateboarding and brewing but also embodies the spirit of community and shared passions, setting a shining example of how creative collaborations can benefit local projects and bring people together in meaningful ways.


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