The ReWild Initiative: Richard Godbehere’s Visionary Response to the Biodiversity Emergency


Launched by the dynamic duo Richard and Jane Godbehere in 2021, A Call to ReWild has quickly become a beacon of innovation in the conservation arena, dedicated to confronting the escalating global biodiversity crisis.

The initiative’s core aim is to galvanise individuals towards making a tangible environmental impact, through a comprehensive suite of training, mentorship, and inspirational events designed to reforge the bond between humans and the natural world, thereby addressing the climate emergency head-on.

The inception of this green movement by Richard Godbehere was driven by an urgent need to stem the tide of the diminishing global wildlife populations. Rooted in a childhood awe inspired by the documentaries of David Attenborough and later catalysed by the dire warnings of the Living Planet Report, Godbehere set forth on a mission to unearth actionable solutions for today’s environmental challenges.

A Call to ReWild is predicated on the principle of fostering unity and collective action towards nature’s restoration. It has meticulously crafted educational programmes tailored to draw in diverse societal factions into the fold of the rewilding mission.

By forging partnerships with like-minded rewilding charities, A Call to ReWild is poised to impart essential hands-on skills to its clientele, focusing on direct methods for fostering biodiversity. Furthermore, the organisation is committed to channeling its membership revenues back into rewilding charities, thereby amplifying conservation efforts in vital natural areas, and is currently exploring avenues to assist local wildlife rescue entities.

Among A Call to ReWild’s notable accomplishments is the establishment of an online repository of rewilding knowledge, making it possible for individuals to engage with conservation and biodiversity restoration initiatives from anywhere.

Richard Godbehere, who holds a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology (Distinction) from the University of Derby, has successfully transformed his lifelong ecological enthusiasm into a thriving environmental startup. A Call to ReWild aspires to catalyse a shift towards sustainability, championing direct action and community-led projects to counteract the climate crisis.

The organisation also facilitates weekly webinars, including the Green Circle and The Wild Bunch, nurturing an online collective of individuals passionate about preserving the environment.

Jane Godbehere, co-founder and Richard’s partner, has been pivotal to the foundation of A Call to ReWild. Her unwavering support for the initiative, evidenced by her return to the nursing profession to back Richard’s academic journey in Conservation Biology despite facing significant health challenges, including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, underscores her deep commitment to the cause.

In response to the intertwined biodiversity and climate emergencies, Richard Godbehere advocates for rewilding as the cornerstone of ecological regeneration. A Call to ReWild encourages everyone to embrace rewilding practices, whether domestically or professionally, believing in the collective capacity to instigate global environmental transformation and forge a sustainable path forward.

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