Apple, the company not the fruit, is a household name. Most of us own or have used at least one of their products, and some of the crazy ones, myself included, have staked up dozens of their products, some of which do not even have clear use values.

On top of physical hardware like iPhones, iPads, Mac Books, air pods, and much more, Apple is also famous for certain hugely successful software like its own Macintosh operating system and even some fun apps like apple maps and iTunes. Fun fact, Apple even tried launching its own TV device but it failed badly.

But one thing even the most die-hard Apple lovers do not associate Apple with is movie and season production. And many of us have wondered why, despite Steve Jobs’s immense Hollywood contacts and Apple’s majority shareholding of Disney+, Apple has not been able to put out good original movies and seasons of their own.

Well, the answer is simple, they have but because of all the buzz around streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO max, you have probably missed them. And trust me, if you have in fact missed these original Apple productions, you have missed a lot.

But it’s still not too late. There is still time. Apple has not wiped the internet clean of its originals. And this blog post will act as a guide to your journey into the world of original Apple productions.

But before we talk about these awe-inspiring TV shows, I just want to mention something very pertinent. No matter how good Apple’s productions are you will not be able to enjoy them if the show keeps buffering over and over again during your binge-watching sessions.

So, if you truly want to enjoy Apple’s shows ensure that you have continued access to reliable and fast-paced broadband internet. Fiber works the best. It has download speeds ranging in the tens of GBs per second which is way beyond the suggested 25 MBPS speed for un-disrupted online streaming.

But if you live in a sparsely populated area you probably are not lucky enough to have access to high-tech fiber internet. So, instead, I advise you to upgrade to the next best option, high-tech satellite internet like the one provided by HughesNet Internet.

Even though it’s not nearly as fast as fiber it meets the minimum speed criteria for online streaming and beats out outdated DSL connections by miles.

Now, let’s look at two Apple original shows that you can use to start out with your Apple productions’ viewership journey.




Set in an alternative reality whereby the United States loses the space race to the Soviet Union, For All Mankind is immensely informative and imaginative at the same time.

The show has three seasons and does not end with a cliffhanger.

The show revolves around themes of highly tense cold war political stand-offs, the complicated principles of space travel, and socio-cultural traumas faced by American society during the previous century and tops it all off with a deep commentary on the duality between family life and individual identity.

The show does not have a start-studded cast but each actor outdoes themselves in trying to portray the, often complex characters assigned to them. And despite belonging to the science fiction genre the show represents reality in a way that even the most acclaimed social dramas do not.

And the best part, it is a family watch. So, don’t wait. Launch into it without wasting another second.




Severance is a mind-bending and intellectually challenging science fiction masterpiece and is probably not for everyone. This is probably why the show was not received very well by mass audiences and Apple had to cancel it after the first season.

But its cancellation and the resultant cliffhanging is the only bad thing about this show. The season is set in our reality but with a twist. At the very beginning, the main character, after suffering from the trauma of losing his wife, joins an organization that severs their employees’ personal life from their work life.

In simple terms, our heroes and heroines are different people at work and entirely different personalities at home, they lose all memory of their work lives after stepping out of the office and do not recall their personal lives as soon as they step into their workplace, it’s not as fun as it sounds, trust me.

In addition to this mouthwatering concept, the show also offers a fair bit of social commentary.

Our protagonists deal with the abstract ideas of grief, loss, human relationships, and personality loss on a deep level without knowing what’s causing these feelings all the while performing seemingly useless work tasks, pretty relatable right?

In the end, I’d just like to say that the show is probably not for everyone, but then again, neither is Apple’s other products.



Apple has been a strong entertainment industry player for a long time. But in an era of so much streaming noise, you probably have missed out on some of the extremely artistic work Apple has produced over the years.

The two shows mentioned above are good starting points for people looking to delve into Apple’s original ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Quit reading and go binge-watch these absolute gems.



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