iStorage Introduces Cutting-Edge USB Type-C Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive with Enhanced Security Features


iStorage, a globally trusted leader in secure hardware encrypted data storage devices and cloud encryption solutions, has unveiled its latest addition to the successful datAshur range—an encrypted flash drive with a USB Type-C interface. The groundbreaking datAshur PRO+C, pending the new FIPS 140-3 Level 3 validation scheme, stands as the world’s first and only flash drive to offer robust data security credentials.

The user-friendly datAshur PRO+C from iStorage combines speed, ease of use, and the highest-level security measures. This USB 3.2 (Gen 1) Type-C flash drive incorporates PIN protection and hardware encryption, ensuring data protection to military-grade standards. With storage capacities ranging from 32GB to 512GB, this innovative device also comes with a USB Type-C to Type-A adapter, enabling users to stay compatible with evolving USB interfaces.

The FIPS certification, globally recognised for its stringent testing procedures, signifies that devices meet the highest standards for encryption algorithms and data protection. The FIPS cryptography standard program serves as a benchmark for US government data security. The new FIPS 140-3 certification adds requirements for physical tamper-resistance and identity-based authentication, providing robust guarantees of data security.

The datAshur PRO+C incorporates advanced security features, delivering complete data security and ensuring maximum protection at all times. The drive features a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing users to enter an 8-15 digit PIN via the onboard keypad before connecting the device to a USB port. Without the user’s unique PIN, the datAshur PRO+C remains inaccessible, providing peace of mind in the event of loss or theft.

The device supports independent user and admin PINs, making it ideal for corporate and government deployments. In case a user forgets their PIN, the drive can be unlocked using the admin PIN, allowing the user to set a new PIN.

Moreover, the datAshur PRO+C is engineered to withstand brute force attacks. After ten consecutive incorrect user PIN entries, the user PIN will be deleted, but the data remains accessible only through the admin PIN. However, if the admin PIN is incorrectly entered ten times, the PIN, encryption key, and data will be permanently lost, and the device will revert to factory default settings.

John Michael, Founder & CEO of iStorage, expressed his excitement about the new datAshur PRO+C flash drive, stating, “The datAshur PRO+C flash drive brings the benefits of the Type-C interface to users, including faster transfer speeds, higher capacity, and improved device interoperability. With speeds of up to 310MB/s (Read) and 246MB/s (Write), the datAshur PRO+C ensures efficient data transfer.”

Michael further emphasised the importance of cybersecurity processes and procedures for organisations, citing reasons such as the shift to remote and hybrid working, the rise in sophisticated ransomware attacks, and increasing privacy and data regulations. Secure encryption during information transfer, data backup practices, and limited chances of data breaches are crucial for maintaining business continuity.

The datAshur PRO+C flash drive features a rugged extruded aluminum sleeve that is dust and water-resistant to IP68 (pending) and crush-resistant, providing physical protection while keeping the data secure. Customisable with logos, names, telephone numbers, and email addresses, all iStorage products, including the new datAshur PRO+C, offer a personalised touch.

For those interested in the latest technology, iStorage invites attendees of Infosec 2023 (20-22nd June – ExCel London) to visit their stand [S70] and witness the new datAshur PRO+C flash drive firsthand.

To explore iStorage’s product range, interested parties can request a free 30-day evaluation at

The new iStorage datAshur PRO+C flash drive offers cross-platform compatibility and requires no additional software. With USB 3.2 (Gen1) backwards compatibility, it achieves data transfer speeds of up to 310MB/s (Read) and 246MB/s (Write). The prices for this cutting-edge flash drive start at £99.00 (Ex VAT).

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