Multi-million pound company started in student dorms


Two students who started their business while at the University of Liverpool have turned it into a multi-million pound company

Sarah Gunther, 24, shares how the business she co-founded with Kate Taylor, Lazuli Label, was born in their student accommodation with a sewing machine and around £300 worth of fabric they bought to design swimwear.

After the success of their first product, they began to expand their inventory to include leggings and other fitness clothing items. Kate, 24, said: “We were both very interested in fitness at the time and realized we needed to sell gym leggings.
“We had to use our student kitchen and everything was laid out on the floor. We made our own website and filmed it on the dock next to the museum and did everything ourselves. It went pretty well, we were sold out in the first two minutes.”

Every penny the company made in the first two years was invested in developing the site, and it was only a year ago that Sarah and Kate started paying for their hard days. Sarah said: “It’s frustrating at times because when you put so much into it and you don’t get it personally you can start thinking ‘what should I do’, but we both had a vision from the start that it was something that had to be done. we invest in. We only focus on brand as our goal.

“We now have five people on our team and so far have converted almost three million.”

While many dread working with their best friend, they have proven that teamwork is always best, adding Kate: “I don’t want to do it alone, it must be difficult for any relationship, but we are always united and communication is always key.”
When asked what they liked most about running their own business, Kate said: “It’s weird because I would say freedom, but I’m definitely not free, I spend most of my time working. It’s very satisfying and satisfying, you always feel there there is a lot to achieve and the more work you do, the more you can accomplish.”

To grow their business, the couple used their social media following and collaborated with other influencers to promote their brand.

Three years later, the company grew from its base in Liverpool’s Albert Docks. Their products have reached millions of people around the world, but the couple are still excited when they see people wearing Lazuli, Sarah said: “I always see people in the gym wearing it, which is great, me.” watch someone walk in lazuli.

His plan for the future is to continue to grow his product and audience with a possible pop up shop in Liverpool.


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