Kenec Plumbing and Gas Experts Solve Jobs Other Plumbers Fear


The team behind Kenec Plumbing and Gas has built a reputation for being among the most tenacious in their trade because of their desire to complete jobs that other plumbing companies won’t touch.


As the leading plumbing and blocked drain specialists in Baldivis WA, the company is also one of the most trusted as it offers an on-time guarantee and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 


They have years of experience in unblocking sewer drains, stormwater drains, carrying out CCTV drain & pipe inspection, installing hot water units, water and gas leak detection, and other plumbing-related problems.


Their licensed plumbers are highly trained and fully equipped to meet resident and corporate clients’ diverse plumbing service needs. So whether it’s leaking taps and showers, toilet cisterns or more complex issues, they are always up for the job.


As they specialise in the unblocking of blocked sewers, drains and pipes, their service vehicles are equipped with all the latest advanced drain cleaning equipment allowing their plumbing teams to identify a blockage and clear it on the spot quickly. 


From tree roots to debris, they can quickly locate and blast through sludge, soap, grease, and sediment blockages, clearing drains and pipes without having to dig in most cases, so saving clients’ money.


“With our special drain machines, we insert the tube down into the pipe till it reaches the blockage, and with extremely high pressure, can easily cut through tree roots and extract them without the need to dig up the pipes,” commented a company official. “If left alone, tree roots can do a lot of damage to pipes, which can become very costly to repair or replace.”


Their plumbers also have extensive experience installing, repairing, servicing or replacing a wide range of hot water systems from leading brands, such as Rinnai, Dux, Rheem, Bosch, Vulcan, Thermann, Stiebel and more.


Customers have given five-star testimonials for Kenec Plumbing and Gas’ range of quality services. “Amazing service, quality work and time-efficient, and very affordable,” commented Aimee Westlake.


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