UGT See Carlota Amigo As The Worst Counselor In All Of History


The regional secretaries of Union Action of the UGT and CCOO, Raul Santa Eufemia and Fernando Fraile, have considered that the Councilor for Employment of the Board, Ana Carlota Amigo, is “the worst in the entire history of Castilla y León”, something that, In his opinion, it has been evidenced by the “disastrous” management of the supplements to the ERTE that, as they have denounced, have left out more than 20,000 citizens in the call of December 3.

Specifically, both union representatives have focused on this call to brand it as “cumbersome”, since it requires a multitude of bureaucratic procedures that, as Santa Eufemia has pointed out, force potential beneficiaries to avoid more traps than “Indiana Jones” , and that initially it is necessary to have a telematic code that, later, must be presented in a registry and thus initiate the file, reports Ep.

Likewise, the unions see the 3.5 million euro departure from the meeting of the Board as poor and “ridiculous”, which would cover, “in the best of cases”, 6,000 workers. However, union officials have considered that there will be money left over from this call given the difficulty in accessing aid.

Another of the ‘buts’ pointed out by UGT and CC.OO is that this aid is linked to the family situation of the employees, since, in their opinion, it is not a “subsidy” so it should not be mixed ” family and company “.

In this way, they have considered that the call covers low contribution bases (1,400 euros) and conditional on a very low family income (3 times the IPREM) that will leave out “many of the applicants” and also a total amount of aid. insufficient from 250 to 376 euros , “regardless of how long you have been in Erte.”

“It is almost a charity” , has considered Santa Eufemia, insisting that the amount reaches two euros a day per worker.

Finally, both union representatives have affirmed that this new call is “a program without consensus, insufficient, that does not have union support and that it will not meet the needs of the affected workers.”

“This shows the mismanagement of the counselor, we find ourselves before the Ministry with its worst head in the entire history of the Community, it has not only generated problems in social protection, but also in labor relations” , has settled Fraile, who has lamented: “He is trying to destroy everything we have built,” he has settled.


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