Ecoener Grows In Colombia By Being Awarded 35 MW


Ecoener, the Galician multinational renewable energy group, has been awarded 35 nominal MW (41 MW peak) in the renewable energy auction called by the Ministry of Mines and Energy of the Republic of Colombia.

The new Ecoener park, which will begin to generate power to the grid in 2023, will involve an investment of 25 million euros. Ecoener has been awarded the project through its Colombian subsidiary Genersol SAS, in the Sunnorte Solar Photovoltaic Project generation park.

The award, which was announced on the 26th, is part of a 796.3 MW package to develop 11 photovoltaic solar projects throughout the country. It is the third renewable auction organized by the Government of Colombia.

Ecoener has obtained a price much higher than the average auction price, demonstrating its ability to continue growing in international markets.

The multinational has been present in Colombia for 5 years, apart from the 35 MW awarded, Ecoener is developing 160MW hydro and 130MW photovoltaic in the country.

Currently, the company manages a generation park with 184 MW of installed power and has 7 hydraulic installations, 1 photovoltaic park, 9 wind farms and 4 substations. Ecoener’s portfolio of operations includes assets in Spain and in ten other countries in Central America, South America, Central Europe and Africa. It has various facilities under development with an estimated future production of 1,527 MW .

Ecoener achieved revenues of 36.8 million in 2020, 9.4% more than the previous year. The operating profit grew by 59.2% to 17.1 million ?? in the same year, compared to 11.2 million in 2019. The result before taxes was 5.1 million, with an increase of 32.1%. The adjusted Ebitda in 2020 reaches 21.4 million ??, compared to 21.3 million in 2019 and has a workforce of 80 people.


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