Valgrande Trusts Arnaiz With The Management Of Its Compensation Board


Valgrande trusts Arnaiz with the management of its Compensation Board. The firm will also be in charge of reparcelling and urbanization projects. The project will have 8,600 homes and new green areas. The forecast is that the urbanization works will begin before the summer of 2022.

The Valgrande Compensation Board has entrusted the Arnaiz technical team with the technical management of this action . Thus, the urban planning and global real estate development firm will be in charge of the management of the Valgrande Compensation Board, as well as the drafting of the reparcelling project and urbanization projects. In this way, Arnaiz will continue to be linked to the project, whose technical and legal team had already developed the Partial Plan.

Valgrande, which completes Alcobendas to its limit with Madrid capital, is a new sustainable urban development. This action will create a new residential environment integrated with the city. One of the characteristics is the creation of 8,600 homes, 55% of them officially protected , which will increase the supply of affordable housing in the municipality. In addition, the natural environment will be expanded with new green areas, such as the Arroyo de Valdelacasa central park.

“Arnaiz’s proven experience in all areas of urban planning and real estate development, especially in projects located in the Community of Madrid, has been fundamental to trust them both in the management of our Compensation Board and in the reparcelling and urbanization of Valgrande, its president, Leopoldo Arnaiz, being the manager of the Compensation Board, “says José Hernández-Mora, president of the Valgrande Compensation Board.

On the other hand, from Arnaiz they assure to be overturned with the project “so that it is an urban development of reference in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Madrid”, as Luis Arnaiz, CEO of the firm, points out.

The project’s urbanization works are scheduled to begin before the summer of 2022 . For its part, the construction of the first residential buildings and other equipment will start before the end of 2023, according to forecasts.


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