Protect Against Unauthenticated Attackers with TSplus Advanced Security & Ransomware


TSplus has developed a suite of advanced tools to facilitate the job of RDS Administrators. TSplus Advanced Security is a powerful application with a 360° approach to Security for protecting RDS servers` environment against unauthenticated attackers. It is a powerful tool designed to secure remote desktop, monitor login failures, block prohibited or suspicious IPs and prevent unauthorized actions from malicious users. Today, the company announces the new release of this `Must-Have` pack of protective measures. `Ultimate Protection` is the ultimate security toolbox that every RDS Administrator dream of.

TSplus Advanced Security protection combines seven features:
– The Brute-Force Attacks Defender blocks any malicious attempt to connect. In few clicks, the Administrator is able to shield the server.
– The Homeland Protection prevents undesirable connections from foreign countries. It strictly restricts access to RDS servers based on the geographical location: only users with IPs coming from an area figuring in the “white list” are able to connect.
– The Working Hours Restrictions closes the access to the server out of configured working times. In a snap, Administrators can specify the time slot when users are allowed to open sessions.
– The Ransomware Protection detects and stops the attacks before any dramatic damage is done and enables quick restoration of your files in case of corruption.
– The One Click to Secure Desktop provides the easiest way to lock down users` environnement
– The Endpoint Protection enables to restrict access only to registered devices
– The Permissions feature, to quickly Inspect and Edit Windows privileges for one user at a time or per group.

With so many people still working from home, organizations and employees are more dependent than ever on remote access to internal PCs and networks. That means more users who need to tap into Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) accounts, making those accounts more ubiquitous and more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. RDS-Knight V5 offers the right protection. The new Ransomware Protection uses a combination of two detection methods: By combining static analysis and behavioral analysis, RDS-Knight`s anti ransomware is unbeatable. It`s using cutting-edge technology and smart strategy based on the analysis of the current trends in cyberattacks to anticipate and respond to any new form of ransomware. The security tool goes even further: the “snapshots” feature creates automatic back-ups of all opened files during an attack, in order to restore them in one click to their previous state and location.

TSplus Advanced Security is a major release. It is the efficient “turn-key” security solution that every RDS Administrator needs in order to protect their Remote Access from hackers and robots.
You can purchase it for $50 on TSplus website or download and try for free the full protection package offered with Ultimate Protection: