What are Organic Products and are They Better for Your Health?


We all hear a lot about organic products and during the past decade, focus has turned more and more towards it. But why are we so concerned with organic products? And what are the benefits? We will try and answer these questions in the following article!

What does it mean when something is organic?

When something is organic, it generally means that the product lives up to certain standards – both in terms of production but also in terms of use of pesticides, etc. These standards are different from each country. However, if you take Europe as an example, the European Union has a set of demands which the products need to match, in order for them to be called “organic”.

Back in the day, it was very normal for farmers to use different kinds of pesticides and fertilizers in the production of both meat and vegetables. During the years, it has been discovered how damaging these pesticides are for us.

One might wonder: Why use chemical pesticides and unnatural fertilizer in the first place, if it is that bad for us? Well, the answer is quite simple. These pesticides have a large influence on the growth of vegetables – and it will take longer for the vegetables to decompose. Ultimately, this means that the vegetables can generate larger profits in the end – as they simply last longer.

As mentioned earlier in this article, focus on organic products has increased during the last decade. We may all be aware that we can pick organic products at the grocery store when we are shopping for our dinner. But many more products can be organic! It is not just our vegetables and our meat. What about our wine, alcohol – and what about our linen and towels?

Alcohol: Can it also be organic?

Most of us like a drink now and then – and if you are into organic products and prefer organic foods, then why not consider shifting to organic alcohol as well? If you choose organic products, you might as well go all the way!

Many do not think of this, but alcohol is also often produced with use of chemical pesticides and unnatural fertilizers. Drinking organic alcohol is not just healthier for yourself, your family and your friends, it actually also benefits the environment.

By choosing organic products in general, you decide to support businesses and processes that are considered sustainable, which is important to consider nowadays. By supporting eco-friendly methods, you take a stand towards sustainability – which can be considered quite the bonus to making healthier choices for yourself as well.

When you are buying your next alcohol bottle, it may be worth it to consider an organic kind. And next time you need to buy new towels, linen or other things that you use on a daily basis, it might also be worth considering if these should be of organic production as well. It is not just beneficial for yourself and your family; it is also the right choice to make in terms of tackling climate change.


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