‘A Mum Like This’ by Laura Rachelle Taylor: A Candid Exploration of PMDD and Motherhood’s Hidden Struggles


In her compelling new book, A Mum Like This, Laura Rachelle Taylor, an acclaimed writer, delves deep into the less discussed layers of motherhood, revealing the challenges of contradictory advice, meddlesome outsiders, outdated norms, and the lack of support for postnatal recovery.

The book is structured as a 52-week memoir, blending poetry and prose, where Taylor chronicles the first year after childbirth through weekly diary entries and poems. This journey is marked by the high and low points of motherhood, during which Laura is diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), a critical yet often overlooked endocrine disorder that significantly influenced her life for years.

Taylor openly discusses the severe symptoms of PMDD she endured, including a meningioma (brain tumour) and debilitating pain from cystic breasts that severely limited her physical capabilities. She reflects on how the absence of a diagnosis led her to destructive actions, severely impacting her personal life and relationships during her hormonal imbalances. Laura’s account sheds light on her struggle with “the PMDD monster,” documenting her path towards diagnosis and the subsequent discovery of brighter moments amidst the disorder’s challenges.

Writing predominantly while parenting in a shed amid home renovations, Taylor redefines motherhood by rejecting the societal push for materialism in favour of a simpler, nature-centric parenting style. Her experiences exploring the outdoors, frequenting the library, and forming meaningful connections in her hometown of Northwich, Cheshire, paint a serene picture of maternal life.

A Mum Like This speaks to a broad audience of mothers who identify with the complex reality of parenting, offering a message of understanding and community. Taylor’s work provides a much-needed affirmation to new parents and those battling PMDD, assuring them that their feelings are acknowledged and shared.

The book is slated for release in paperback on Amazon starting 19th March 2024. To stay updated on Laura Rachelle’s journey and writings, follow her on Instagram: @laurarachellewriter.


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