Ozan Elektronik Para Reports Remarkable Growth in 2023

Ozan Elektronik Para Reports Remarkable Growth in 2023

Ozan Electronic Money (Ozan Elektronik Para), a leading fintech in Türkiye, has demonstrated significant growth for the second consecutive year. The company concluded 2023 with a remarkable x5.5 increase at Ozan SuperApp and an x2.5 rise in their business payment services. By the end of 2023, their monthly transaction volume escalated to 5 billion TL ($174.4 million).

In 2023, Ozan Electronic Money grew considerably through its creative financial offerings and key partnerships. The company unveiled several products under the Fiji umbrella, a name signifying the blend of physical and digital components in Ozan’s payment services. A prime illustration of this is FijiPOS, which allows businesses conducting face-to-face and online transactions to unify their payment processes using virtual and traditional POS systems. This integration simplifies management, increases operational efficiency, and improves pricing.

Navigating through the monetary tightening in Türkiye and internationally, Ozan swiftly adjusted to the evolving economic environment by launching sector-specific offerings under the Fiji brand, targeting industries such as hospitality, travel, automotive sales, and large-scale retailers.

Strategic partnerships significantly contributed to Ozan’s expansion, enabling the company to engage a wider audience without heavily impacting its marketing and sales activities. A prominent collaboration was established among Aveon Global Sigorta (Insurance), TESK (Confederation of Turkish Tradespeople and Craftspeople), and Ozan. This collaboration led to the launch of a digital wallet application designed specifically for micro-enterprises and tradespeople associated with TESK. This app, with unique features tailored to their needs, quickly saw thousands of TESK members registering, thereby providing them access to specialised payment and insurance options, along with micro-loans, in a matter of months.

“The Journey Ahead: 2024 and Beyond” – Dr. Ozan Ozerk, Ozan Electronic Money Founder

Dr Ozan Ozerk, the founder of Ozan Elektronik Para, briefly reflected on the company’s progress and conveyed optimism for future endeavours, saying:  “We are proud to complete 2023 with all these achievements. We look forward to staying on this successful path in 2024 and the years to come.”

CEO Ömer Suner shared his anticipation for what 2024 holds, reflecting on the milestones achieved in 2023: “It’s been an important year for us. This year, we stood out in the industry with many innovative products and collaborations. Our new products, aggregated under Fiji, have transformed payment processes for many businesses thanks to the flexibility and ease of management they provide. Fiji products understand the dynamics of the business world and deliver innovative solutions sensitive to the needs of businesses.”

Suner pointed out that Ozan’s distinct impact in 2023 came from its offerings and partnerships amidst economic hurdles, garnering recognition within the industry: “We were deemed worthy of the Golden PSM awards in the ‘Most Innovative Product-Project’ and ‘Young Spark’ categories at the PSM Awards at the end of the year. This event is organized specifically for the finance sector and the awards recognize our success at innovation.” he said.

Fostering Global Commerce: Ozan Elektronik Para CEO Ömer Suner’s Vision

Suner announced new initiatives and collaborations set to impact the fintech landscape in 2024: “We aim to reach and support more businesses with new and existing payment solutions as well as expanding our work to the global arena. By strengthening our presence abroad, we aim to add further value to our users and create a broader impact on payment systems globally. Our ambition is to position Ozan as an accessible and reliable financial solution provider both locally and globally.”

About Ozan Elektronik Para (EMI – Ozan Electronic Money Institution):

Ozan Elektronik Para is an electronic money institution in Türkiye with licenses and memberships from Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, BKM, and Troy. Its Ozan SuperApp/SuperCard products provide individual financial solutions to end-users. Meanwhile, Ozan Business products address all payment and collection needs of medium and large-scale businesses and ventures. Ozan Elektronik Para offers innovative solutions such as FijiPOS, FijiCash, and FijiPlace, QR payments, link payments, virtual and physical POS, payment gateway, and dealer collections. Ozan Elektronik Para operates in Türkiye under Law No. 6493 and is authorized to make agreements with member businesses as per Law No. 5464.


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