Finding A Suitable New Office To Rent In Cirencester For Your Business


When relocating your offices in Cirencester, you want to take your time and find a suitable workspace that solves as many employee gripes as possible. It is impossible to please everyone, but addressing issues that annoy your employees can make for a happier and more productive workforce. However, you must also satisfy your organisation’s needs and balance this with employee satisfaction to find the perfect new office space for your business. There are various factors you must consider when looking at new office space, and you can find some listed below to help you get started with your search for the ideal office space.

Your Overall Budget

Before looking at new office space, you must determine your overall budget, including the running costs for a year and fitting out the office space to your specifications. You may also need to revert your current office to the state it was when you took over the lease, which you must include in your overall budget. Once you have determined the available budget, you are ready to start looking at the various options available to your business in the Cirencester area, but you should know your requirements before you start searching.

Know Your Requirements

The next step in finding the perfect office space in Cirencester for your business is knowing what it requires. You will need to know the required square footage and other factors such as preferred locations, parking, and transport links. Many different office spaces are available, so knowing what you need precisely can help you not waste time looking at unsuitable office buildings.

One option suitable for SMEs and startups is moving to serviced offices. These offices are much more flexible than traditional spaces, and they come equipped with everything your business needs, so there is no outlay fitting out the office. However, this option is not suitable for larger organisations, as there is often limited space available in these office spaces.

The Perfect Size Office Space

When determining the preferred size of your new office space, you want to ensure there is room for your business to expand. The last thing you want to do is invest in fitting out an office building for your company to outgrow it in a few months. Always have one eye on the future and ensure sufficient space for your company to grow when selecting the best size for your office space. It is always better to have too much room than not enough, so look at larger office spaces than you think you need rather than smaller units.

The Location

Having an office in a prime location will cost you, but it can help you attract the best talent to come and work for your company so that it can be worth the investment. You want a location for your office with excellent transport links and plenty of parking for those using vehicles to commute to work. However, you not only need to have an easily accessible location, but you will also want to ensure plenty of amenities are available for employees when not working or on a break.

Having plenty of amenities around the workplace can help your employees strike a better work/life balance. Easy access to medical facilities and dentists means people can go for appointments when it suits them, and many food and drink options always help keep employees happy. A close proximity to a gym or park is also good for the health-conscious who love to exercise, which is something an employer should encourage. With a suitable location, your workforce can expand and attract some of the best industry talent to your company, raising your company profile and enhancing the service you provide your customers.

The Building Facilities

It is ideal if you can find a suitable office building that has all the amenities you need for your workplace. It can include plenty of parking and easy access to public transport, CCTV security, nice green spaces outside, and regular servicing and maintenance of the property and facilities it offers. Some offices can provide security personnel and systems, helping keep your workplace secure, and others also have shared canteen facilities you can use. Ensure you do not compromise too much when looking at office space, and ensure it has all the facilities your company requires to run efficiently.

Keep An Open Mind

One thing that is essential when looking at office space for rent is to keep an open mind and look at each potential office as a blank slate, looking at its potential. It can be hard to do this and ensure you have a few like-minded people with you when viewing offices who can help you see the different potential in each location. Having a preconceived idea of what your future office looks like in your mind can hamper searching and mean you are less open to different ideas. Having an open mind is essential to help you find the ideal office space for your business, and leaving no stone unturned can help you find a hidden gem of an office.

Take Your Time

You also want to ensure that you take your time when searching for offices and do not rush into making a significant decision you could regret later. You do not want property companies trying to push you into a deal too quickly and you worrying about losing out on the space. It is better to lose out on what would have been a brilliant office than rush into making a decision that is not the best for your business and could be expensive to rectify. That is why you want to start your search as early as possible for your new office space and give yourself plenty of time to find the best location for your business.

With careful planning, a meticulous eye for detail, and some luck, you can find the ideal location for your new office where your employees and company can thrive. Someone will always moan about something, but giving your workers the best environment to do their jobs can help keep most of them happy and make your business successful.


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