New Research Reveals The Best Countries In The World For Drivers And The UK Is In The Top Ten!


The car finance experts at Moneybarn have analysed countries based on their quality of roads, the cost of fuel, parking costs and the levels of congestion to reveal which country is home to the most satisfied drivers

You can view the full research here: 

Revealed… The best countries to drive a car

RankCountryQuality of road infrastructure /100Congestion levels in the capitalStatic speed cameras (per million people)Road traffic deaths per 100,00 peopleAverage Petrol Cost (£)Average Diesel Cost (£)Driver satisfaction score /10
10United Kingdom64.420%1103£1.50£1.735.74

Japan and Singapore share first place as the best countries to drive in, with a driver satisfaction score of 7.10/10. Japan making the top spot comes as no surprise, as the country is globally recognised for producing some of the safest and most reliable cars on the market. The country ranks high thanks to its road quality and ranks first when it comes to its concentration of speed cameras (1 per million people). 

Singapore prides itself on its city planning, so it’s no wonder the country takes the top spot for road quality at 90.9/100. It’s also an exceptionally safe country to drive in, sharing the top spot for road deaths at only 2 per 100,000 people. 

Turkey takes the second spot as the best country to drive in, with an overall score of 6.56/10. Turkey is one of the least congested countries at 19% (meaning that during rush hour, traffic only moves 19% slower than it would in normal conditions), making it very safe for drivers. Fuel is also very cheap in the country too, ranking in the top five for both petrol (£0.85) and diesel (£0.97).  

The United Kingdom made the top ten, with an overall score of 5.74/10. With only 3 road traffic deaths per 100,000 people, the UK is one of the safest countries to drive in and is also one of the least congested countries at 20%. However, it does have a lot of speed cameras compared to the previous nine countries, with 110 per million people, causing a lot of frustration for drivers. 


  • Greece is the worst country for drivers, with an overall score of 2.73/10, due to scoring poorly when it comes to road safety and having high congestion levels in its capital.
  • Singapore, Norway and Switzerland share the title for the safest roads with only 2 road traffic deaths per 100,000 people. 
  • Finland’s capital Helsinki has the best congestion level at just 16%. This means traffic flow during peak times is just 16% slower than it would be during normal conditions.


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