Leaf me alone! – Motorists urged to take falling leaves seriously this autumn


Motorists have been warned of damaging and potentially dangerous consequences if they don’t clear fallen leaves from their driveways and cars this autumn.

Motoring experts at LeaseCar.uk are advising motorists to be vigilant in clearing leaves from under the bonnet and around tyres to ensure that they can drive safely on the roads this season.

With heavy leaf falls expected over the coming days, the volume of leaves piling up on, in and around cars can cause big problems for British motorists, particularly those living in rural areas.

Leaving fallen leaves on the car increases the risk of fire and can ultimately damage the bodywork if they’re left on there for a prolonged period of time.

While wet leaves will stick to car tyres leading to less grip on the road increasing the risk of losing control of the vehicle.

Tim Alcock from LeaseCar.uk said: “Waking up in the morning and finding your car buried in fallen leaves is not only frustrating, but also dangerous if they aren’t cleared up almost immediately.

“While it feels more of a nuisance having to clear leaves off the car, it’s important to keep on top of it as leaving them there can lead to an excess build up of leaves posing a serious risk.

“Drivers need to clear the leaves from their vehicles on a regular basis, otherwise they face damaging their car engines and taking off the paintwork.

“This is serious for any motorist but particularly so during a cost-of-living crisis as they could end up footing a big repair bill – and all caused by the simple leaf.”

Here LeaseCar.uk’s five serious problems you could encounter if you don’t deal properly with fallen leaves around your car this winter:

Damaging bodywork

Not clearing up fallen leaves can lead to rust problems developing on the car. Once the leaves begin to decompose on the car, the tree sap and tannic acid can gradually take off the paint coat. If the leaves aren’t dealt with in time, it can result in a hefty price to get the car back up to scratch.

Risk of fire

If left uncleared, leaves drop down under the bonnet and end up around the engine. Wet leaves in particular will cause a problem when the engine is attempting to heat up and can lead to an increased risk of a fire, so it’s vital to clear up any fallen leaves to avoid the serious risk of starting a fire.

Blocked air filter

If you don’t clear up the leaves falling on the car, it can cause significant engine issues by the leaves pilling up and blocking the air filter. This could result in engine misfires – which is extremely dangerous as you could lose power and end up having an accident and overtime, a blocked air filter will significantly damage the overall condition of the engine.

Tyre skidding

Wet leaves attaching to tyres can lead to increased chances of skidding if they’re left to build up over time during wet conditions. Along with heavy rainfall throughout winter, the build up on tyres makes it more difficult to drive safely, particularly on tight corners and when reversing off driveways.

Bug central

Bugs and critters love to make their way onto vehicles during winter, especially if there’s a nest ready for them to make home. Fallen leaves can potentially cause infestation on the exterior of the car which can lead to them crawling inside.


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