Ignition Marine Reveal Common Boat Repair Issues and How to Choose the Right Shop


Exposure to the environmental elements may degrade a boat’s performance over time. Costs to fix the problem could cost a lot of money. This might be made much worse by the unusually severe weather.

Marine enthusiasts should have a foundational grasp of common boat issues to deal with them effectively. Problems might arise, especially with a boat’s motor or engine. Awareness of any repair issues that arise gives you a head start to get it fixed as soon as possible.

However, it is essential to find the right marine repair shop. To do this, keep the following considerations in mind.

  • The marine mechanic specialises in the type of boat you have
  • They carefully analyze the boat and part conditions before suggesting repairs
  • The service is certified and authentic through credentials
  • The boat repair shop has an extensive parts variety and deals with the parts of your boat.

All these boxes are ticked at Ignition Marine, among all boat repair shops. Their skilled technicians make sure to do thorough checks of your boat. They offer maintenance and repair assistance effectively. Moreover, they are highly accessible and hold expertise in this field.

We have compiled a list below to understand the many boat repair issues that might arise over time.

1.   Motor Noises

As in a vehicle, any strange noises coming from a boat are a sign of trouble. If you hear any strange noises, having a boat technician look at the motor is a good idea. Unfortunately, most owners wait until a major problem has developed before addressing issues with their boat’s engines.

In a typical boat operation, pay close attention to the engine noise. There may be a problem with the boat’s bearings if you hear a growling noise.

However, if you hear an odd noise from the tilt-lift motor, it may be due to a lack of air pressure. Possible air bubble formation in the fluid necessitates immediate boat motor maintenance. Be careful to mention any unusual engine sounds to the boat repair specialist when you take it in for service.

2.   Unexpected Equipment Vibrations

Vibrations on a boat are standard for the course when you set sail. A warning indicator that something is problematic with your boat’s engine is if you feel unusual, stronger vibrations than normal.

Potentially dangerous vibrations might cause your boat to shake violently. Don’t delay getting your boat’s engine checked out if you’ve felt strange shocks. A trained technician can diagnose the source of the vibrations by inspecting the engine and other parts.

3.   Overheating Engine

Sometimes, the boat and the equipment generate a great deal of heat. This is a further clue of serious engine trouble. Overheating the engine is a serious problem that must be addressed immediately.

Using your sense of touch to look for the origin of the excessive heat on the boat is not a good idea. Severe burns and blisters can be caused in this case. If you undergo this issue while sailing in the sea, extreme caution should be taken.

Experts advise doing a comprehensive service on your boat as soon as possible. Only a trained professional can identify the root of the problem and oversee its resolution.

4.   Corroded Fuel Line

Deterioration of the fuel line is another potential source of engine failure on your boat. The priority is to ensure the line between the tank and the engine is not kinked or broken.

Engines won’t start if the fuel line has been distorted or crimped because no gasoline can get through. A marine technician may repair a twist or install a new one if required.

Boats are expensive assets that need maintenance. It doesn’t matter if it is used for recreation or to make a living. Corrosion and damage of crucial boat parts might lead to expensive losses if negligence is ignored.

Maintaining your boat properly via routine servicing with a marine technician can keep it in top form.


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