Dr. Bobby Chhoker: Pioneering Dental Implantology and Practice Independence in Australia

Dr. Bobby Chhoker

Dr. Bobby Chhoker embarked on an ambitious journey to establish a dental practice in Australia, focusing primarily on dental implants. Initially lured by the promise of heading a large dental establishment through a corporate invitation, Dr. Chhoker quickly encountered the restrictive nature of the 457 visa, which limited him to employee status only. Reflecting on his career, he voiced a strong preference for independence, stating, “Once you work for yourself, you don’t want to work for anyone else.” This desire for autonomy stemmed from his extensive background in dentistry within the UK, where he had honed his skills across various disciplines with a particular focus on surgery and implants.

Dr. Chhoker’s professional journey in the UK was marked by significant achievements, including the establishment of his own practice on the prestigious Harley Street in London, specializing in surgery and implants. His passion for implantology led him to pursue a master’s degree in the field at the University of Warwick, a decision influenced by his collaboration with Dr. Stewart Harding, a renowned Professor of Implantology at the same university. Despite his success, the allure of combining a favourable lifestyle with his professional expertise drew him to Australia, where he envisioned creating a local iteration of the master’s degree program in implant dentistry he had been involved within the UK.

This envisioned program aimed to replicate the success of its UK counterpart, offering a comprehensive three-part course designed to cater to different levels of dental professionals, from post-graduates to those seeking a master’s degree in implant dentistry. However, his plans were temporarily put on hold due to his employment status in Australia.

Determined to regain his independence, Dr. Chhoker pursued permanent residency and, upon achieving it, sought the perfect location to establish his practice. In collaboration with a friend who operated an alternative therapy business, he discovered an ideal space, albeit in need of significant transformation. Together, they divided and renovated the entire floor of a building to house their respective businesses, with Dr. Chhoker dedicating himself to creating a purpose-built dental practice.

Financing for this venture was secured through BOQ Specialist, thanks to a fortuitous meeting with Thomas Wald at the ADX expo. Dr. Chhoker praised the financial arrangements for their transparency and alignment with his vision, emphasizing the importance of understanding and tailor-fitting financial solutions to individual needs.

Today, Dr. Chhoker’s Bondi dential practice not only meets but surpasses his expectations, enabling him to revisit his earlier ambition of launching the implantology course. With the course content ready, his goal is to step onto the platform, present his knowledge, and mentor the next generation of dental professionals in implant dentistry, thus expanding his practice and contributing to the field.


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