Expert in Personal Finance Shares Unusual Idea for Making Extra Money: Blood Plasma Donations


Personal finance experts have revealed that Americans could earn an extra $30 per session and perform a good deed by donating blood plasma. Blood plasma is used to make medications for people with blood clotting issues, and individuals can make donations safely several times a month. The Wealth of Geeks personal finance blog has included this unusual money-making idea in a guide of 41 ways to make quick money for those experiencing financial difficulty.

Michael Dinich, founder of Wealth of Geeks and a personal finance expert, said that people could generate additional income streams or earn some quick cash without the need for a phone or a computer. While the blood plasma idea might seem unusual, Dinich believes it is an excellent opportunity to help others while earning money. The guide covers online and offline money-making activities, including selling items from home, washing cars, setting up a dog walking company or providing support to an established one, and pet sitting via the Rover app.

The guide also suggests that individuals could provide assistance around the home or office with tasks such as assembling or disassembling furniture, clearing gardens or garages, providing help with shopping or appointments, or mowing lawns. Michael encourages people to get started and advertise their services, saying that the possibilities are endless. The blog lists something for everyone, from filling out online surveys to driving for Uber or flipping cars. The Wealth of Geeks blog aims to make personal finance enjoyable and provides tips and advice on potential side hustles, managing money, and fun stuff related to travel, food, TV programs, and movies.


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