Brander Explains What Makes a Good Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing Company

In more than 10 years of working in our field, we, Branderstudio, have often encountered untrustworthy clients. It took us a long time to realize the reason behind the lack of loyalty and respect from their side. With time, we began to realize that they had already stumbled upon unscrupulous contractors.

Customer’s Word Is Law

Never forget this simple truth. If you have outsourced a contractor who doesn’t listen to you carefully, interrupts you and imposes his opinion — run away from him as soon as possible. A good contractor is obligated to at least listen to you carefully because no one knows your business better than you. He should then give his opinion, agree or disagree with you on certain points of contention. But you should always have the final say, remember that!

Brander adheres to the philosophy of ‘the customer is always right’, because the one who pays always rules the ball. We will make sure that the final product you entrust us to develop is exactly what you want it to be. It should be in line with brand identity and your vision, not our beliefs. But you’ll still leave it up to us to give you advice and recommendations. After all, we have a lot of experience under our belt, and we already know how to get it right.

Strict Deadlines Kill Creativity

Do you know the difference between a real talented artist and an amateur? An artist quietly works on his masterpiece and does not like to be chased in the neck. Masterpieces are born only in a calm atmosphere. Branderstudio prefers to create masterpieces. Each of our apps or websites is a work of art, it is a quality work with a recognizable style and handwriting. We will ask you not to limit us with strict time frames and let us work in a relaxed atmosphere.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, the client’s word is law. We understand that the deadlines you set may be reasonable because time is money. Your business can’t wait, it needs to grow and evolve. We are willing to be sympathetic to this and honour deadlines where necessary. But be careful if some company promises you to complete a project within a clear deadline, day in and day out. It is quite possible that it is a lie.

Testing Is the Most Important Step

What is the main difference between a robot and a human? At the current stage of development of our civilization, robots can do simple routine work better than humans. But they cannot cope with the most complex, creative tasks. Ecommerce development services is exactly creativity, and it requires human.

The problem is that living people are better at creativity, unlike robots, but they are also prone to making mistakes. During the testing phase of a website or application, testers have to identify all sorts of errors and mistakes that designers and programmers have made. Testing takes a lot of time, and don’t believe those who don’t give this stage due attention. A raw product full of errors, bugs and flaws will not be appreciated by your clients.

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