2032communication Unveils “PR FOR RENT” – A Trailblazing Service Transforming PR and Marketing


2032communication is charting new territory in the corporate sector with the introduction of its groundbreaking “PR FOR RENT” service. This innovative offering, hailing from Romania, is designed to support medium to large-scale enterprises that encounter temporary staffing voids in their internal communications and PR divisions.

“PR FOR RENT” by 2032communication presents businesses with a top-tier, adaptable solution to temporarily bridge the absence of a communications expert. The service entails assigning a PR professional from the agency’s cadre of seasoned specialists to work remotely for the client company. “With the help of this service, companies will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our specialists, who have extensive experience in the field of communication and public relations. The service allows companies to hire a specialist for specific periods according to their specific needs without hiring long-term staff. At the same time, the communication specialist within ‘PR FOR RENT’ will collaborate closely with the 2032communication team, benefiting from the resources and know-how of the entire agency. This collaboration will streamline the costs allocated by the company for the PR area and optimize communication,” explained Alecsandra Costin, the visionary founder of 2032communication.

Tailored with precision to meet each company’s unique needs, the service ensures that communication strategies are perfectly aligned with the organization’s identity and goals. 2032communication is extending “PR FOR RENT” to companies around the world, emphasizing its Romanian roots and its unparalleled global novelty.


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