Remote witnessing platform Videosign announces partnership with OneID identity service


A digital signature platform used by legal professionals for signing and remote witnessing of contracts and legal documents has announced a new partnership to simplify its identity verification process.

Liverpool-based Videosign has entered a new partnership with OneID, an identity service that confirms the identity of users using verified bank data.

Videosign launched in 2019 aiming to develop a solution more secure, efficient, and convenient than the traditional ‘wet’ signature.

UK law allows the digital signature to be used for most contracts as well as many documents required by government bodies such as HMRC and the Land Registry. 

Videosign’s online meeting platform has the built-in ability to create, sign and witness documents remotely.

Once signed with tamper-proof digital signatures, documents are stored securely alongside video evidence of the meeting taking place.

The new partnership allows Videosign users to verify identities using bank-verified data before signing contracts and documents.

Videosign Chief Executive Steven Tallant said: “Our new partnership with OneID means our users can quickly and easily prove their identity using reliable pre-verified information linked to their bank accounts.

“With 50 million adults in the UK already enabled for real-time identity checks, working with OneID offers a reliable and secure user experience with no form-filling, downloading or documents needed.

“We are very excited about the benefits this will bring to our users, enabling even more efficient workflows without compromising on security.”

OneID Chief Customer Officer Keith Mabbitt said: “By merging Videosign’s innovative electronic signature approach with OneID’s unique identity solution, a secure and straightforward method for authenticating individuals’ identities is established, ensuring the protection of Videosign’s customers and signatories.”

Videosign entered the partnership with OneID to further improve the security security options if offers and add additional convenience for users.

Videosign Head of Business Growth Nina Hinton said: “Our users value the convenience that Videosign offers, allowing business to be done remotely without the need for unnecessary travel.

“Our partnership with OneID makes life even easier for our users by giving them the ability to verify who they are and sign documents even if they do not have identity documents with them.

“Using bank data in this way lets users sign whenever they want, wherever they are, on any device.”

Videosign continues to offer the option for users to verify identities by comparing individuals to passport or driving licence photos using AI-powered facial recognition.

Digital signatures used by Videosign comply with the highest eIDAS European safety security standards.


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