Your Handbook for Instagram Branding


The first step in attracting and retaining a devoted consumer base is branding. Branding allows you to establish a unified online identity that consumers will identify with your company. You can increase sales and foster loyalty and trust by doing this. Instagram is only one of the many platforms where branding matters. Even if your current account could be a little disorganised, branding strategies might help you regularly achieve your goals. Considering this, let’s look at tips that might help you develop your Instagram brand.

Learn About Your Brand

Before you know your brand identity, you can’t build it on Instagram. Maintaining your brand’s voice and vision while posting on Instagram and other networks will be simpler once you are aware of who it is. You can buy real instagram likes for more engagements. By identifying your brand’s values, goals, and target market, you may build its identity. Think about your personality and value offer as well. These elements should all work together to form your identity. Then, you’ll remember this identity each time you publish something on Instagram.

Select Colours for Your Brand

Since Instagram is primarily a visual site, the colours you choose will also be crucial in helping you build your business identity on the network. As a result, while posting on the app, you must choose a colour scheme that you will remain with. You can proceed to the following step if you have chosen your colours. If not, consider what colours might work best for your business. Many resources, such as the Colours Café Instagram feed (, are available. It makes colour palettes and colour codes available regularly so you can effortlessly search and use them for your posts.

Modify Your Bio to Better Reflect Your Brand

When you decide on your colour palette and brand design, it will be time to optimise your bio. Select a username that best embodies your brand first. For users to quickly locate your account, it should also be simple to spell and remember. Proceed to the “Name” field after that. You must put a keyword underneath the name box if you are not associated with a well-known brand like Coca-Cola or Nike. The keyword will aid in branding and make it easier for users to discover your account. Your brand will be linked to the term, which will aid in increasing app awareness for you.

Another critical component of Instagram branding is your bio. When writing the bio, consider your brand identity and use the 150 characters to explain what you offer and what makes you unique. To make it easier for visitors to locate your account, ensure your bio contains a few keywords. You must then add a profile picture. You may use the logo to promote a significant corporation. If not, think about getting a headshot that accurately captures your brand. To finish your profile, include a website link and your contact information. Bio links are clickable, allowing you to divert traffic to a different website instead of links in articles.

Use Branded Hashtags

When posting material on Instagram, you should include a variety of hashtags. You probably utilise content-specific and speciality hashtags, which are both crucial. But don’t stop there. To increase exposure on the app, substitute a branded hashtag. You must select a hashtag that is unique to your company. Ensure your chosen item is unique and that consumers can readily connect with your brand. To ensure that users contributing user-generated material don’t make mistakes, it should also be memorable and straightforward to spell.

Establish a Harmonious Look

Next, while publishing on Instagram, you must have a unified style. If you have the correct graphic plan, you can make your postings cohesive and maintain your branding. Several solutions are available, from employing the same or comparable effects to colour-blocking your feed. To make your page look more unified, you may construct patterns or split it into grids. Use one of the tools provided if you have problems with a consistent appearance. With a visual planner, for example, you may experiment with several layouts until you discover one that works. After that, you may continue using that format for your following postings.

Create Content Subjects

Creating a coherent feed takes more than just colour blocking and grids. Your themes should also be consistent so your material flows together and enhances your branding efforts. Prominent companies typically select three to five themes for their Instagram images. These topics might include testimonials, instructional materials, product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes films, and more. Consider the things that matter most to your brand. Use a list of the most popular subjects and themes to direct your Instagram posting schedule.

Maintain Consistency

Building recognition on Instagram requires time, so you must upload content frequently. You don’t have to post anything daily, but you must be active online. Post on the same day every week if that’s all you can do so that readers will become used to seeing it. As you gain more site marketing experience, you may gradually add more articles throughout the week.

Specify Rules for Your Group in WritingSpecify Rules for Your Group in Writing

Instagram branding frequently involves a group effort. Having people involved is fantastic, but you must ensure they’re all on the same page. Make a marketing and style guide for Instagram that anyone can use. Ensure that everything, including your business’s colour palette and personality, is included in the guide. To help guide others, you may even include sample postings.


With these suggestions, you may create an Instagram-friendly branding plan. If you want to succeed, consider purchasing actual Instagram likes. Purchasing likes will boost interaction, which means Instagram will show more people can see your post. Consequently, this may assist you in increasing visibility and solidifying your brand’s place on Instagram.


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