Alfie’s Soho: The Newest Jazz Club on the Block


Alfie, the cat renowned for his jazz passion, is making headlines with the launch of his very own Alfie’s Private Members Jazz Club, located on Greek St this week. Alfie, who has become a fixture in the Soho music scene, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sir Michael Palin, Eddie Izzard, and Emma Thompson at The Piano Bar Soho, is now branching out with his own establishment.

The club features a studio grand piano, a stage set for star-studded performances, and Roland’s latest sound technology, setting Alfie’s up as the new epicenter of Soho’s nightlife. Partnered with the culturally rich Union club, this venue is destined to become the preferred spot for witnessing the crème de la crème of London’s jazz talent, brought to you by the producers at Soho Live Studios, famous for their esteemed record label and the Soho Jazz Festival.

The grand opening tonight is expected to be a landmark event, with a performance by Jazz FM’s Vocalist of the Year, Cherise, singing the club’s namesake song “Alfie,” ensuring an evening filled with memorable music and stories of the celebrated Jazz Cat.

George Hudson, the mastermind behind Soho’s entertainment scene and Alfie’s human, commented, “Alfie’s not just any cat; he’s embraced the Soho culture and whenever any of our stars pop by to film or record he can’t help but get involved. You can check out some encounters on his Instagram @sohojazzcat, when Stephen Fry was in, he fully understood it was about time he had his own bar! This new club is his legacy, a place where the past and present of jazz collide, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got lined up.”

The club is now accepting reservations for its daily live music lineup, with a membership offer for those keen to delve into Soho’s musical heartbeat at Alfie’s and further afield, all for an annual fee of £35.

Featured events include the weekly Alfie’s Jazz Jam, highlighting both emerging and established talents, and The Night Train, a weekend fusion of cocktails and music.

Alfie’s, with its decor harking back to Soho’s iconic sixties and blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary art, currently exhibiting David Ferry’s works, offers more than a club experience; it’s a gateway to a bygone era.

Found on the first floor at 49 Greek St, Alfie’s presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where jazz dominates, under the guidance of a visionary cat. For membership and booking info, visit, and step into Soho’s newest myth.

Alfie’s is not just any jazz club; it’s a realm where the music resonates on a personal level, the cocktails are invigoratingly cold, and the nights promise to be legendary. Are you prepared to enter the legend?


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