Manchester City vs Manchester United: FA Cup Final 2023 – How to Watch It Live Online


As two titans of English football, Manchester City and Manchester United, get ready to lock horns in the highly anticipated FA Cup Final of 2023, the world waits with bated breath. The FA Cup has always been a tournament of surprises and thrilling football, and this final promises to be no different. Here’s everything you need to know about how you can stream the exciting final live online.

FA Cup Finals 2023: Man City vs Man United Match Info

  • Date: Saturday, June 3, 2023
  • Start Time: 10 a.m. ET / 3 p.m. BST / 12 a.m. AEST (Sun, Jun. 4)
  • Location: Wembley Stadium (London, England)
  • TV Channel: BBC (UK), USA (-), Canada: Sportsnet
  • Stream: GamePass (anywhere)

What’s at Stake

Manchester City and Manchester United have a long history of intense rivalry, with games between these two often called the “Manchester Derby.” But this time, it’s not just local pride on the line. They’ll be competing for the prestigious FA Cup, an honor that neither team takes lightly.

Manchester City has been in fine form throughout the tournament, showcasing an intricate style of play under their coach’s guidance. On the other hand, Manchester United has displayed sheer determination and resilience to reach this stage, overcoming challenging opponents and exhibiting their characteristic never-give-up spirit. The stage is set for an epic battle between the two Manchester powerhouses.

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How to Watch Live

In today’s digital age, watching sports events live online has become a popular and convenient option. For football fans around the globe who are looking forward to the Manchester City vs. Manchester United FA Cup Final 2023, there are various online platforms and services where the final can be streamed live.

How to watch FA Cup Final’s In the UK

The BBC and BT Sport have traditionally been the broadcasters for the FA Cup in the UK. BBC iPlayer and the BT Sport app will provide live streaming services for those looking to watch the final online. These services require a UK TV license and, for BT Sport, a subscription.

You can subscribe to GamePass with a very low cost and enjoy a trouble-free streaming no matter wherever you are.

Where to Watch Manchester City vs Manchester United In the US

In the United States, ESPN holds the broadcasting rights for the FA Cup. To watch the Manchester City vs. Manchester United FA Cup Final, tune in to ESPN+ which provides live streaming services. ESPN+ is a subscription-based service available to US residents.

You can subscribe to GamePass with a very low cost and enjoy a trouble-free streaming no matter wherever you are.

Rest of the World

The availability of the FA Cup Final online no restriction region. GamePass broadcasts the FA Cup in any countries. Always trouble free broadcast to ensure a good quality stream.

Click here to watch Man City vs Man United live stream

Preparing for the Big Game

Before the big match, it’s important to test your streaming service to ensure everything is working smoothly. Check your internet connection for stability, and make sure your subscription, if necessary, is active and ready.

Remember, the kick-off time might vary depending on your time zone, so be sure to adjust accordingly. Keep in mind that high-profile matches often start with pre-match analysis, interviews, and build-up, which can be just as entertaining and informative as the match itself.

In conclusion, whether you’re a fan of the Red Devils or the Sky Blues, or just a football enthusiast, the Manchester City vs. Manchester United FA Cup Final 2023 is a match you won’t want to miss. With various online platforms providing live streams, you can join millions of fans worldwide to experience the excitement of this thrilling encounter.


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