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Streams AEW Double or Nothing 2023: Start Time, Results, Live streaming coverage From USA, Canada, UK, Australia


It’s that time of the year again – Memorial Day weekend – and wrestling enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the arrival of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on center stage for their fifth consecutive year with the highly anticipated 2023 AEW Double or Nothing event. AEW Double or Nothing has become a cherished tradition since its inception in 2019, when the emerging wrestling promotion held its inaugural pay-per-view extravaganza in Las Vegas. Now, five years later, AEW is set to return to Nevada for another thrilling edition of Double or Nothing.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2023 AEW Double or Nothing: how to watch the pay per view event in Canada plus 130 countries.

Date and Location: The 2023 AEW Double or Nothing will take place in Nevada. Specific details regarding the date and venue are yet to be announced. Stay tuned for further updates.

How to Watch Double or Nothing

Those in the U.S. and Canada can order the event for $49.99 on B/R Live or through cable providers.

The main card starts at 8 p.m. ET, preceded by a pre-show called The Buy In at 7:30 p.m.

Wrestling fans in Canada should go to DAZN Canada, which charges $49.99 CAD for this PPV. PPV.com is selling it for the same price in Canada.

FitePass.com is also streaming Double or Nothing in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland. Streamers in those territories will pay $19.99 and $9.99 USD respectively (depends on GEO)

Watch in the U.S.: B/R and PPV.Com (best FitePass)
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2023 AEW Double or Nothing Match Card:

Prepare for an unforgettable lineup of matches at the 2023 AEW Double or Nothing. AEW’s biggest stars will grace the ring, engaging in a variety of thrilling encounters. Expect to witness a captivating four-way ladder match, a high-stakes battle royale, and an intense unsanctioned bout. Among the notable AEW superstars scheduled to compete at Double or Nothing are MJF, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Christian Cage, Jon Moxley, Jade Cargill, FTR, Orange Cassidy, Toni Storm, Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, and many more. For a comprehensive overview of the event’s matches and participants, refer to the information provided below.

  • MJF vs Darby Allin vs Jungle Boy vs Sammy Guevara – AEW World Championship Four-Way Match
  • Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm – AEW Women’s World Championship
  • Wardlow vs Christian Cage – TNT Championship Ladder Match
  • The Elite vs Blackpool Combat Club – Anarchy In The Arena
  • Jade Cargill vs Taya Valkyrie – TBS Championship)
  • Chris Jericho vs Adam Cole – Unsanctioned Match
  • FTR vs Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett – AEW World Tag Team Championship
  • 21-man Battle Royal – AEW International title
  • The Firm vs The Hardy Party


Steve: Whew boy. This “pillars” story has not been great. It’s not the worst story ever, as you might be led to believe by the talk around it, but it ain’t great. It’s shown some real holes in everyone’s game, and has cooled MJF off in the process. Don’t worry, he’s going to get his heat back, and quickly. However, this has not been his or anyone’s finest hour. So who’s gonna win? Let’s rank them in order of likelihood!

4) Sammy Guevara: Sammy has no chance to win this title. They seem to be moving in a more face-like direction with him, and he’s been much better the last few weeks than he was for most of this feud. But Sammy is not ready for this spot. He may never be, though I’m happy to be proven wrong.

3) Darby Allin: I was a proponent of Darby never needing to win a belt when he first started. Darby is all about the chase. The endearing, likeable, loner underdog who you have to put in the ground to beat. His two TNT title runs showed he can be a fantastic fighting champion. You have the history with MJF too, with the headlock takeover becoming a plot point.  It’s not a 0% chance he wins, but it’s not double digits either.   Darby will get his moment one day, but not here.

2) “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry: This might surprise some people, since most seem to agree ‘ol Jungle Boy has been exposed the most during this feud. No one will ever question his in-ring ability, but the promos, the look, and the confidence just isn’t there. When he gets fired up and passionate, his promos are good. When he talks, he sounds like he’s memorizing a script. The problem is that’s often in the same promo. They’ve been teasing him being more heelish. I think that’s the direction they go, but not full-blown here. It’s not out of the realm he cheats or gets a fluky win. Again, more than 0% and less than 10%, but it’s not impossible given where I think they are going with his character. I think Jack takes the pin here, and is sent further down a dark path.

1) MJF: He’s a virtual lock to retain. This has not been his best work in this feud, but it seems a lot more like he’s not turning it all the way up so the others don’t get buried than anything else. There’s too much ahead of him with the return of [redacted] and the huge shows this summer. Say what you will about this feud, but this match should be terrific as all of these men are exceptional wrestlers. They also know this hasn’t been great, so they’ll be going extra hard to deliver. Also, don’t leave when the credits hit. A certain devil, may return and show his face.

Prediction: MJF

Lee: MJF is not losing the AEW Title until All In at Wembley Stadium. I am 99.9999% positive of that, barring injury of course. Adam Cole seems like the next challenger up, and let’s be honest even if Cole doesn’t get your fire burning as a face, anything will be better than the mess that this Four Pillars feud ended up as. The idea of the match is a good one, and again I have little doubt the match will be good because all four guys are great wrestlers. That doesn’t excuse that this match isn’t worthy of headlining a PPV, it’s just not. This should have been built over a number of weeks to headline an episode of Dynamite, and then if you want to transition to a one vs one feud of MJF vs Darby or Jack Perry, it’s a lot cleaner and easier.

Let’s be real Sammy Guevara has no right to be in a PPV main event right now. He’s been a Jericho lackey for 90% of his AEW run, and the other 10% was a messy confusing feud with Scorpio Sky. He’s seemingly been both a heel and a face in this build, and again, it’s just needlessly messy and confusing.

Both Darby and Jack Perry have been varying degrees of bad to fine in the build to the match. Jack is heading towards a heel turn which I think will do him a world of good. Darby has deviated too far from his normal routine of being a little weirdo who makes fun of 90-second videos during his feuds to now talking about needing to be the face of AEW. Just give us back the Darby we all loved and supported, not this NXT, bought-off Wish version of Darby.

So that leaves us with Maxwell. By all reports, he is responsible for most of this feud. We all know he’s a massive WWE fan, but there comes the point where Tony Khan needs to reel back some of MJF’s more sports entertainment-like instincts. We know Maxwell can have compelling feuds even when integrating some WWE bullshit, so let’s get back to MJF cutting incredible promos and having some real hatred for his opponent. We’ve already seen MJF dropping subtle CM Punk references in his promos, so let’s hope we will soon get the next chapter in their feud. As I stated at the beginning of this preview Adam Cole seems like the logical next man up, and I think that is a pairing that will deliver both in and out of the ring. Prediction: MJF


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