How to Get to Your First 20k Followers on Instagram


If your business is on the internet, you should measure everything that happens. If you are not continually monitoring, you are doing nothing. The metric will tell you not only how many followers you have and how many likes your posts generate. Those are the metrics of the ego. They help you measure growth, but they don’t really explain what’s going on. 

Recommendations to grow your Instagram account to 20,000 followers or more

Collaboration between groups:

If you are part of groups of Telegram, Whatsapp or Facebook groups, for example, ask them to support each other. Every time you post something, ask your groups to like, comment on your content, and recommend it to others. Together they will manage to increase engagement and be more relevant among the followers of these allied accounts. Remember that help must be reciprocal.

Ask to be mentioned and do it yourself. Lean on both feed posts and stories. And if you feel animated, live together. Although this practice is not very well accepted by Instagram, it will be very useful as long as the alliances you make are with brands related to your brand.

That is to say: if you are a pastry chef, make alliances with brands dedicated to party decoration or photography. An alliance with a brand of beachwear will not be very useful. If you use it correctly, Instagram will have no arguments to say that you violate its terms and conditions, and you will be safe from blockages.

Lean on micro-influencers:

As we already explained above, micro-influencers revolutionized the world of digital recommendation. Find micro-influencers relevant to your industry and who have an audience to help you grow. Before working with any influential micro, it is important to know if it is the right one for you.

How to do it? Ask him for his web analytics, without shame. You have the right to know, and you will invest your time and money in them. When they give you their analytics, pay attention to aspects such as the location, gender, ages and interests of their audiences, the engagement they generate, their reach and impressions, best publication hours, and any other aspect that is important to you.

Buy Instagram followers:

Want to get more followers in no time? Don’t fret, buy Instagram followers to boost your brand awareness. It lets you stand out from the crowd.

 Use the stories:

Stories are a great tool for Instagram to generate awareness, followers, engagement, and of course, sales. Being placed before the feed, many people check them first rather than posts. Since you don’t have 10,000 followers yet, you won’t be able to put links in your stories, but you can make a call to action so that your followers go to the bio link.

Keep in mind the following: you should always have stories.

So here we enter the same conflict as with the posts: what should be uploaded to the stories? As with the feed, it should be valuable content, but in the case of stories, it is a little more flexible. I mean, take advantage of the short life of stories to tell about an experience, show a behind the camera, make promotions, celebrate the festivities such as Mother’s Day or Christmas, talk in front of the camera about a topic of interest to your audience, etc. The key is to be helpful and tell stories.

Use the tools Instagram offers you in stories.

Also, stories have a good amount of tools that will help you create attractive content: gifs, surveys, tests, stickers, geolocation, open questions, hashtags, chats, countdown, and more. The possibilities to generate interaction are endless, and, as you well know, interaction is essential for your account to grow.

Ask your followers to share your story with their friends or to answer questions via direct message or to go to a specific post and comment. Interactions with your followers through stories will make the algorithm take you into account as a relevant brand for a specific audience. Do the stories disappear after 24 hours? Not necessarily. If you think a story is very useful and you want to keep it, just add it to your featured stories, and they will be available forever on your profile.

Live once or twice a week:

Trends indicate that 2020 is still the era of live content. Only those brands that broadcast live will be able to stand out from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Start making a LIVE content plan for your Instagram, where you take some content that is useful to your followers. We recommend you do it live once or twice a week, the same days and at the same time. For example, you can go live every Monday and Friday at 1 pm.

So, you will create a habit among your followers, and they will be waiting for your content in advance. If you dedicate yourself to photography, you can focus on topics such as: how to achieve a good frame, how to assemble a home set to photograph products, tips for travel photography, basic photography edition, how to choose the best pocket camera, what lenses should every photographer have.

That is, content that is valuable to your audience, and that ensures that they will connect to your broadcast and even invite their friends to see it. Also, you can share your lives with other people, no matter where they are. You should only invite someone related to your account to make a shared Live. That life will add the people who see you plus those of the other person at the same time. 

 So, Lives have a 24-hour life, just like stories. But this does not mean that they completely disappear. With IGTV, you can either edit that live in a 10-minute video or make several clips of a maximum of 10 minutes and upload them to this new platform, which is connected to your Instagram. In this way, the content will always be available to your followers.


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