Celebrities & Sports Stars Success Tips in New TV Series


“Mind. Body. Money.“ premiered on October 1st (check local listings here). In it, Eszylfie teaches audiences the same principles of balance and mindfulness that made him one of the most famously successful financial advisors in the country. He doesn’t want this to be just another show in which viewers simply goggle at the lives of celebrities. Rather, he wants to show people how they can achieve similar success. 

With a client roster that includes Hollywood celebrities and legendary Hall of Fame athletes, Eszylfie can speak to his success and advise on how individuals from every generation can overcome current obstacles to end up on top. Eszylfie has achieved unprecedented success at such a young age due to a combination of education, motivation, a positive outlook, and a deep desire to help others improve their lives. He began his career at age 22 with New York Life Insurance Company, where he soon reached the ranking of #1 Broker in Los Angeles and #1 Agent for the company’s African-American market. 

As a long-time yoga instructor, he is also a new face oflululemonand maintains a daily practice, and teaches at some of LA’s most popular yoga studios. Eszylfie was also recently chosen as the face of LinkedIn, where he was featured for his remarkable story in national commercials and billboards.

He currently sits on the board of three non-profit organizations dedicated to business empowerment, children’s health, and social services. He mentors upcoming youth as the founder of the non-profit Futures Stars Camp for kids, dedicated to providing basketball training and life coaching skill in his free time. In addition to his passion for business, he is raising three daughters in Pasadena, CA, where he still resides.


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