Special film by Yeni Rakı Global for the Centennial of the Republic: “Let’s honor our Republic at every table we will set this year”


Yeni Rakı Global celebrates the centennial of the Republic with a film themed unity and solidarity. Yeni Rakı’s centennial celebration film, which was released on its global social media accounts across Europe on Monday, April 24, emphasizes the message “Let’s honor the Republic not just on October 29, but at every table we will set throughout 2023”.

In a film targeting foreign markets and Turkish citizens living abroad, Yeni Rakı Global, a brand distributed by Mey|Diageo in 30 countries worldwide, calls for the celebration of the Republic’s 100th anniversary by coming together every day, with open arms, at every table set outside the homeland.

The film, shot in Europe and Turkey, captures the enthusiasm of people celebrating October 29th anywhere and everywhere all around the world: on the beach, subway, boat, shops, streets, homes, and roads with their partners, family and friends, and significant others, waving flags, raising glasses, singing, hugging, and embracing. Emphasizing that the first century of the Republic deserves to be celebrated throughout the entire year, not just on a single day, the film sends the message “Let’s honor the Republic in all tables we will set throughout 2023, no matter where you are in the world”.

Tolga Karaçelik directed the commercial film for BLAB İstanbul.

Those living abroad can watch the film on Yeni Rakı Global’s Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts, and on Yeni Rakı Germany’s Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Brand: Mey|Diageo
Advertising Agency: BLAB İstanbul
Production Agency: Public Film
Director: Tolga Karaçelik
Post Production: İmaj
VO: Nejat İşler
Music: Comfortnoise


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