7 reasons to consider an e-commerce business purchase


If you keep up to date with the world of retail, you’ll have noticed a huge shift in how consumers buy. Consumers have switched from brick-and-mortar stores to their digital counterparts, with eCommerce sales expected to rise by a further 50% by 2025. 

Although buyers should look around extensively before committing to such a big decision, eCommerce has become one of the first sectors to look into. 

In fact, for those looking to buy a business, there are few decisions more financially savvy than purchasing in the eCommerce space. Here are just some of the reasons why buying an eCommerce business is worth considering, and how to make yours successful.

There are minimal overheads

When you buy a physical business, such as a store or gym, you must pay for the upkeep of the building. Whether it’s the rent, the bills, or having somebody to cover reception 24/7, the reality is that physical stores cost more than virtual ones. 

If you choose to buy an eCommerce store, your biggest ongoing expenses will be products, marketing, and an eCommerce platform. 

The industry is booming

In 2023, eCommerce sales are set to account for over 20% of retail sales worldwide. When you consider how many people around the globe still don’t have regular access or the tools to use the internet, this figure becomes even more impressive. 

In short, eCommerce is taking over the retail space, and its trajectory continues upwards, making it an attractive prospect not just for current success, but also for future sales if you decide to grow and then sell the business. 

Operate the business from anywhere

Physical businesses need to be operated from a particular space. That means you’re geographically bound by needing to be near an office, store, or other business premises. 

The beauty of an eCommerce store is that you can operate it from anywhere. Whether you want to become a digital nomad or hire remote workers from across the globe, you’ll enjoy the flexibility to do so. 

No time restrictions

Physical businesses can only operate within a certain time frame. If your business is based in an office, it will likely only be open during the day, and your clients will only work during that time frame, too. 

With an eCommerce store, you can make money 24/7 since consumers aren’t restricted to certain times for buying online. This makes the opportunity for a revenue greater than with other types of retail.  

Easily change product

If you buy an existing eCommerce store with no knowledge of the sector, or you try a new product and it goes down poorly, you can easily switch up your product line. 

It’s much easier to rebrand a digital store than a physical one – just sell the last of your stock, change your store’s theme, and try something new. 

Future-proof your business

COVID-19 showed just how easily the economy can be disrupted, and in-person sales reduced dramatically. Investing in an eCommerce business reduces the chance of disruption as a result of external events. 

Easily scale the business

Unlike scaling a physical store – which involves franchising or opening more stores – scaling an eCommerce business is easy.

With a killer marketing plan and a growing team, you can easily increase your annual revenue and take the brand global. 

The bottom line

With all those benefits in mind, it’s well worth looking into the eCommerce sector as part of your research. Before you start an eCommerce business, conduct competitor research to see which stores and products are proving to be the most lucrative, and read eCommerce tips and success stories for inspiration.


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