Breaking Barriers: 7 Online Games Uniting Generations in Epic Virtual Adventures


From classic table games to more complex simulation games and action-adventure games, many online users definitely have their favorite pastime that they can play over the internet. There are approximately 3.09 billion active video gamers today. As the demand for more interactive and competitive games rises, many gaming apps are also developed.

If you are looking for something that the entire family can enjoy, you should pick easy-to-learn and child-friendly games. Here’s a list we have prepared for you to help you find the suitable game that brings generations together.


Card games like poker are classic family games that have made it to the virtual sphere. Many traditional poker players have played the game online since the early virtual versions were released. With online poker, you can expect 24/7 services, unlike land-based casinos with specific hours of operation.

Moreover, if you’re playing for fun and just want to explore table games like poker, you can play trial games and become a master of poker without spending money. You can also learn the basic of the game through FanDuel’s guide. If you’re playing for real money, you can spend as low as $1 in a game and potentially earn big in the long run!


Minecraft is a family-friendly game that tests players’ creativity and imagination. If you’re familiar with Lego, Minecraft is just this game’s digital version. This online game is safe for kids since it promotes a safe and secure environment that allows players to collaborate with friends, build things, and write their own stories.

With the game’s survival mode, players can learn problem-solving techniques as they play. In this mode, you must maintain your character’s hunger and health levels and conquer monsters in your journey, efficiently teaching players to deal with hypothetical and real-life problems face-on.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a lighthearted and fun game you can play with friends and family of all ages. In playing Mario Kart, you must know that winning takes strategy. You must strategically pick a character with a suitable skill set. With the right strategy, you can definitely enjoy playing the games with some teammates.

This game is also proven to be good for the brain. While many older players are into this game, Mario Kart could also be ideal for children who are just getting the hang of those motor skills. They can be accompanied by older siblings or parents at home. This means that everyone in the family could join the fun!

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer role-playing game that all generations can play. This game boosts brainpower for both children and adults. WoW has tutorials to help new players navigate their journey in the game. You can customize the text size if you have trouble reading small prints.

Plus, with WoW, you can fight against real people virtually through the player vs. player option. You can also mingle with fellow players through a forum and make new friends with people who share your interests.


Fortnite is a family-friendly battle royal game played by collecting tools and weapons you can use to survive the game. There is no blood and gore in Fortnite, but there are lots of guns to use in fighting enemies. The characters inside this game are also cartoonish, and rest assured, and there will be no blood to appear on screen throughout your entire play.

This survival game is good for all ages as it improves thinking skills, fosters teamwork, and promotes socialization. What’s more, each game only takes more or less 20 minutes, and it’s free to play!


Tetris is a popular puzzle game known by many people. This game promotes strategic thinking as you have to take notice of the available areas to fill and strategically let a block fall into a portion with some gaps to fill.

You will also learn to decide under time pressure as the pace of the game increases s you progress. Basically, Tetris has two modes: quick play and marathon. In the quick play, you have to beat your personal best in three minutes while in marathon mode, there’s no time limit, but the game gets more complicated as you proceed,


You can play with anyone in the world with online Monopoly. It’s published in many languages, so you can play with fellow Monopoly fans from other countries. The greatest challenge in the online version is that currency amounts, houses, and hotels are quickly exhausted as many users play the game.

Moreover, with online Monopoly, you can adjust the basics based on your needs. For example, you can set the time limit for a quick game.

Playing online games allows players of different generations to compete and build their skills together. Additionally, generation gaps can be through online games like those mentioned here. As classic games transcend to the virtual world, players of different generations now have the opportunity to connect with each other through shared experiences in gaming.


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