National Figures Offer Motorists Guidance to Avoid a Costly Fine for Number Plate Infractions


Drivers Urged to Stay Updated on Number Plate Regulations to Avoid Penalties

Motorists are being strongly advised to verify the compliance of their number plates to avoid hefty fines or the risk of their vehicles failing the MOT test.

Experts at National Numbers, a leading provider of personalised registrations, have cautioned drivers to ensure their number plates adhere to road legal standards, especially if they purchased a car or installed new plates after September 2021, when the regulations were modified.

The revised rules prohibit the use of number plates with printed 3D-style characters and those with two-tone effects, including carbon fibre appearance plates with black and grey lettering.

Under the updated regulations, only solid black digits are permitted. This requirement ensures a clear contrast between the background and the letters, aiding Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras in accurately identifying vehicles on the road, even at high speeds, during both day and night.

All newly manufactured number plates must comply with the enhanced British Standard BS AU 145e, which replaced BS AU 145d two years ago. The objective of this change was to address concerns related to road safety and law enforcement.

Number plates made to the new standard also exhibit improved resistance to abrasion, protecting them for longer against dirt, road grime, and pressure washing.

“There are still drivers unaware of these requirements, exposing themselves to avoidable fines,” said David Edwards, operations director at National Numbers, the UK’s most established personalised registration dealer.

“Considering these regulations have been in effect since late 2021, traffic authorities are unlikely to be lenient towards those claiming ignorance after being pulled over. For this reason, National Numbers encourages all drivers to ensure their number plates are compliant with the law.”

Motorists found with incorrectly displayed number plates may face fines of up to £1,000, and their vehicles may fail the MOT test. In severe cases, the registration number may be permanently revoked.

Moreover, non-compliant number plates could also impact insurance claims, as insurance companies may dispute coverage following an accident if the plates do not meet road legal requirements.

Fortunately, drivers have several legal options to choose from as replacements. Traditional acrylic number plates featuring solid black printed digits are widely used and fully compliant with the new regulations, offering clear visibility and legibility.

An increasing number of drivers are opting for 3D and 4D plates, commonly known as gel digits and solid black acrylic digits respectively. These options provide a distinctive appearance and remain within the bounds of the law as long as the digits are non-removable.

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