8 Accessible Men’s Fashion trends to Come out of the Fall/Winter Fashion Week Runways


Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022-2023 featured some of the trendiest and unique styles ever to be seen on the runway before. If you’re interested in how you can rock some of these trends yourself without paying quite as much money, keep reading.


For the Fendi collection, a classic gentleman’s wardrobe is reimagined to fit with the twenties theme. Formality is interrupted with some more playful shades of black, cream, red and taupe which play off each other to create extra texture and make a statement. The more traditional style of check tweeds and hound’s tooth suit are matched with cable knits and paired with the popular Baguette bag.

Louis Vuitton

Here, dress codes seem to embody social archetypes, showing that things are not always what they seem. An abundance of white formal suit wear is matched with thick, clunky boots, complete with angel winged backpacks.

You can achieve a similar look by shopping at reputed formalwear stores like T.M. Lewin. Their tailoring is often a bit nicer on the purse strings, but without compromising on the high quality.


Again, this trend combines formal and informal and mixes florals with different shades of grey and a pair of Birkenstock sandals. This look embodies a style that is practical on one hand but perhaps ornamental on the other, something that can easily be recreated at home with a little creativity.


LED lighting is used to great effect for the new Loewe collection. The light reveals transparent oiled leather coats and mohair sweaters in such a way that makes us question how contours have an impact on our perception. This trend is especially accessible for men during the fall and winter months where lighting plays a big part in the way that everything is perceived anyway.


A mixture of tailoring and workwear is at the heart of this men’s fashion trend. Hard wearing ski-styled jeans in denim with yellow stitching meets a suit-style top featuring the classic Prince of Wales checks and stripes. A matching yellow checked tie covers a plain white shirt, and the look is topped off with a black beret, shiny leather loafers and a dark bomber jacket. 


Prada features its new cinched trench coat on the runway this year but is by no means the only designer to platform an oversized coat. The shoulders in the trenches are typically big and bold and in this case, bright red. Other designers like Casablanca have several colourful options whilst Zegna features black ones.

Dries Van Noten

Not quite a coat nor a balaclava, enormous, long scarves are now the new trend of the season. Who needs a blanket when you can curl up with one of these and look stylish while doing so? Hand knitted versions are also available.


No matter the designer or the gender, fuzzy jackets always seem to be in style. Now that fall is approaching thick and fast, the new range of oversized outerwear from Hermes will only increase in popularity and accessibility for all.

As you can see, there are many men’s fashion trends to come from the Fashion Week runways that can easily be adapted into something a little more accessible to the average man.


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